Submit a Proposal for the 2023 Urbanism Next Conference!

Urbanism Next Center at the University of Oregon
Saturday December 10, 2022
Location: Portland, OR

Now Accepting Session and Workshop Proposals!

The submission portal for the 2023 Urbanism Next Conference is now open! We re hope you'll help us shape the program by submitting a session or workshop proposal idea. We are looking for proposals that explore the impacts of emerging technologies—shared mobility, MaaS, e-commerce and delivery, automated mobility—on cities and communities from a multitude of perspectives.

Here are a few of the questions we are focused on addressing at this year's conference—you can see the complete list here!

  • What technologies/innovations can scale, are scaling, or should scale? Which ones cannot, or should not, and why?
  • What truths are emerging around deployments in terms of opportunities, barriers, use cases, scalability, and adoption?
  • What role should governments play in the deployment and scaling of emerging technologies? And what are the roles of different levels of government?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of new models such as MaaS, mobility wallets, or mobility hubs?
  • How should the public and private sectors engage communities and with each other about the changes that are happening, and what should they do about it?
  • What updates are there from projects presented at previous Urbanism Next Conferences

We strongly encourage proposers to create sessions with speakers that span disciplines and draw from the public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors. Proposals should address issues that planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, developers, and decision makers are grappling with and/or will grapple with in the future.

Check out our site for complete proposal details and to submit a proposal. Proposals are due by Friday, December 9 at 11:59PST.

Posted November 14, 2022

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