New Cityscape Examines the Unequal Growth in Housing

HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research

The latest issue of Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research features a two-essay examination of housing inequality. While one takes a historical perspective, the other offers a comparative approach, and both review policy solutions to housing inequality. The issue was guest edited by John Carruthers.

Edward Glaeser shows how a historic engine of American economic growth ­— the migration of people into productive cities — has been threatened over the course of the previous half century as those cities have become resistant to increasing the housing stock. While this has contributed to rising inequality and suppressed overall growth, Glaeser outlines two policy paths forward: the removal of local regulatory barriers, and a federal policy that targets relatively depressed areas.

Toshiaki Aizawa, Matthias Helble, and Kwan Ok Lee investigate and contrast the state of housing inadequacy in 10 developing Asian nations and in the United States. Using data from the American Housing Survey and the Demographic and Health Survey, the researchers found that larger urban areas with greater income inequality tended to have greater amounts of inadequate housing. The authors also examine possible policy solutions.


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Posted July 22, 2020

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