More evidence is piling up that commuting by anything but private automobile can increase happiness, social capital, and health.
21 hours ago   Gizmodo
Don't design for the climax condition if today's marketplace supports something less—and other urban succession ideas.
Apr 14, 2015   PlaceShakers
As urban centers start making better sense for a digital economy, NIMBY policies might be worth re-examining. In addition to driving up the cost of housing, they may compound inefficiencies and slow down the economy.
Apr 12, 2015   The Economist
It should come as no surprise that Eduardo Porter, who writes the Economic Scene column for The New York Times, is not enamoured by technological silver bullets like desalination as ways for California to survive it's four-year plus drought.
Apr 9, 2015   The New York Times - Economy
Yonah Freemark examines U.S. subway systems and notes the lack of "open gangways" (i.e., the space between the cars). Only in the U.S. do doors separate cars. What gives?
Apr 8, 2015   the transport politic
Public support of people-friendly infrastructure is not automatic. Get your streets right by getting the conversation right. (Includes lots of great shareable graphics.)
Apr 6, 2015   PlaceShakers
The City Observatory's new Cappuccino Congestion Index quantifies the delay that inadequate coffeeshop capacity imposes on caffeine consumers. For cappuccino-sucking urbanites, it is a more severe problem than traffic congestion.
Apr 2, 2015   City Observatory City Commentary
A new study from the Rational Assumptions think tank provides a completely unsurprising prognostication regarding the future of the oil market.
Apr 1, 2015   Planetizen April 1st Edition
Tesla has revealed the specs on the Tesla-P, a new model that will be sure to excite the public realm-conscious urbanite.
Apr 1, 2015   Planetizen April 1st Edition
Last night's edition of the Family Feud gave starchitects a pop culture moment.
Apr 1, 2015   Planetizen April 1st Edition
Microsoft announced a big update to the Word spell check dictionary today to include the constantly evolving and often incomprehensible language of planning.
Apr 1, 2015   Planetizen April 1st Edition