Even if today's renters and homebuyers are more likely to want urban life and walkable neighborhoods than their parents, plenty of political obstacles stand in their way. Opinion
Aug 5, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
In a recent blog post, Michael Brown of Metro Analytics sought to quantify the benefits of congestion pricing.
Jul 28, 2014   Smart Growth for Conservatives blog
Transit-oriented cities are safer than car-dependent cities of comparable size, especially if one considers traffic fatalities in car-dependent cities. Opinion
Jul 16, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
The most transit-oriented metro areas often have lower levels of traffic congestion than one might expect based on their size. Opinion
Jul 8, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
A heavily wooded park requires investments in maps and trails to be truly pedestrian-friendly. Opinion
Jun 30, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
The least congested cities tend to be small, declining, and dangerous. Opinion
Jun 22, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Minimum parking requirements affect developer behavior most where they are most controversial: in downtown neighborhoods. In suburbs where they may just mimic the market, the arguments for such rules are paradoxically even weaker. Opinion
Jun 16, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Public concern about gentrification is based on fears that out-of-control rents are pricing out the middle and lower classes. But rent is rising even in places where gentrification is not happening. Opinion
Jun 2, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
When should a city give neighborhood concerns weight, and when should a state or city create clear-cut rules that limit planners' discretion to consider neighborhood concerns? Opinion
May 22, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Suburbanization has not led to shorter commutes—except perhaps for residents of the most job-rich, affluent suburbs. Opinion
May 9, 2014   By Michael Lewyn