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Public concern about gentrification is based on fears that out-of-control rents are pricing out the middle and lower classes. But rent is rising even in places where gentrification is not happening. Opinion
Jun 2, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
When should a city give neighborhood concerns weight, and when should a state or city create clear-cut rules that limit planners' discretion to consider neighborhood concerns? Opinion
May 22, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Suburbanization has not led to shorter commutes—except perhaps for residents of the most job-rich, affluent suburbs. Opinion
May 9, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Homeowners' desire for more expensive land does not justify the "NIMBY veto" over new development. Opinion
May 5, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Tall buildings and sunlight can amicably coexist- sometimes. Opinion
Apr 29, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Although suburbs with college campuses are often eager to zone out students, this sort of exclusionary zoning has its own negative side effects. Opinion
Apr 26, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
In addition to revealing public preferences for single-family homes and walkable communities, a recent survey conducted for the National Association of Realtors contains a variety of other small surprises. Opinion
Apr 10, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
In response to the news that transit ridership reached an all-time high in 2013, commentators of all stripes sought to deny or minimize the news. But such arguments are themselves flawed. Opinion
Mar 25, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Why should people have veto power over anything built in their neighborhood? Opinion
Mar 12, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Discussing some of the most pro-urban movies ever made. Opinion
Mar 1, 2014   By Michael Lewyn