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This post discusses the argument that even if Airbnb affects an extremely small portion of the rental market, it still matters because of the low vacancy rates of some cities. Blog Post
6 days ago   By Michael Lewyn
One common argument against allowing new housing in popular cities is that as long as rich foreigners use up the housing supply prices will never go down. Blog Post
Jul 14, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Laws designed to keep pedestrians off streets are not merely useless, but create a variety of social harms. Blog Post
Jul 1, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Cities that have recently adopted light rail sometimes actually add bus riders. Blog Post
Jun 4, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Recent stories claiming that millenials either (a) prefer cities to suburbs or (b) prefer suburbs to cities both have some basis in reality. Blog Post
Jun 1, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
States regulate local governments too much in some areas, but not enough in others. Blog Post
May 11, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Leading a walking tour of your neighborhood can be easy if you focus on the basic differences between types of neighborhoods. Blog Post
May 4, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Does apartment-sharing reduce regional housing supply? Probably not very much. Blog Post
Apr 21, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Arid states can both reduce water use and avoid intrusive government by eliminating zoning regulations that mandate or encourage water-wasting lawns. Blog Post
Apr 9, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
National tables from the 2013 American Household Survey (AHS) are now public. Blog Post
Mar 31, 2015   By Michael Lewyn