A simple explanation of why strict rent control reduces housing supply, and why moderate rent control does so to a much lesser extent. Blog Post
Sep 21, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
The new "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" rule may impose additional paperwork burdens on local government, but is unlikely to cause major policy changes. Blog Post
Sep 3, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Joel Kotkin argues that Jane Jacobs's insights are of limited value because cities are no longer useful for middle-class families. Blog Post
Aug 25, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Attempts to limit new construction to preserve neighborhood character are an example of "beggar thy neighbor" politics. Blog Post
Aug 5, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Low-density zoning is not racist in the narrowest sense of the term—but it does have similar goals to racist housing policies and creates similar problems. Blog Post
Jul 29, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
This post discusses the argument that even if Airbnb affects an extremely small portion of the rental market, it still matters because of the low vacancy rates of some cities. Blog Post
Jul 21, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
One common argument against allowing new housing in popular cities is that as long as rich foreigners use up the housing supply prices will never go down. Blog Post
Jul 14, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Laws designed to keep pedestrians off streets are not merely useless, but create a variety of social harms. Blog Post
Jul 1, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Cities that have recently adopted light rail sometimes actually add bus riders. Blog Post
Jun 4, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Recent stories claiming that millenials either (a) prefer cities to suburbs or (b) prefer suburbs to cities both have some basis in reality. Blog Post
Jun 1, 2015   By Michael Lewyn