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Reuben is a Land Use Planner at Gresham Savage Nolan & Tilden in Los Angeles, where he works on development projects in Southern California. He received his BA from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Urban & Regional Planning from UCLA.
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Reuben Duarte is a Land Use Planner at Gresham Savage Nolan & Tilden in Los Angeles, California, where he assists real estate developers in guiding their projects through entitlements, including local permits, regulatory and environmental compliance (CEQA), and stakeholder engagement and outreach. Reuben has also written as a contributing editor for the Climate Change Law & Policy Reporter, and occasionally writes for his own blog, Playing with Politics.

Reuben received his BA in Legal Studies and Sociology from UC Berkeley, and a Master of Urban & Regional Planning from UCLA, where he specialized in transportation planning and policy, and urban design and development.  His primary areas of interest include: real estate and economic development, urban design, land use and transportation policy, high-speed rail, and political environments.

Reuben also has experience working with the City of West Hollywood, Los Angeles Council District 11, and as a consultant planner at Community Arts Resources and Moore & Associates.  Reuben has worked on several political campaigns and served two years as Chair of the Executive Board of the California Young Democrats LGBTQ Caucus. He currently serves as the Communications Director for the California (UC Berkeley) Alumni Association in Los Angeles. Originally from Visalia in California’s Central Valley, he now lives in West Hollywood.

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