Go ahead, define sustainability.  Everyone knows countless, tangled and unconvincing definitions for this word which is quickly losing steam.  The problem is that we’re not sure about how sustainability relates to us except in planetary ways. We’re bombarded with many concepts that if we reduce this by 20%  then we’ll get that in 30 years which helps the earth survive. All’s well, except we’re almost numb because we won’t feel the aggregate effects for quite some time. Obviously, we’re an impatient lot.  Blog Post
Nov 29, 2011   By Rick Abelson
Much of the inefficiency surrounding our use and misuse of water derive from entrenched habits formed during previous eras of presumed inexhaustibility of water supplies.  Our wastewater treatment approach has traditionally relied on an infrastructure of centralized municipal water plants where tertiary effluent is recycled.  These plants consume considerable energy and cost to restore all of the water they process.   Blog Post
Aug 26, 2011   By Rick Abelson
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Oct 10, 2010   By Rick Abelson
A few years back, I was involved with helping a land owner master plan a 30-acre parcel in Las Vegas just off the Strip, near the MGM Grand Hotel.  The parcel was zoned for casino uses and also had potential for hotel, residential towers and other retail uses.  The land owner paid about $9 million for the underutilized and nearly vacant property and received minor residual income for lower intensity uses that were currently operating on the site.  Initially, the land owner tried to flip the land using a prestigious national real estate brokerage that marketed the property with a glossy aeria Blog Post
Aug 5, 2010   By Rick Abelson
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Oct 9, 2009   By Rick Abelson
Every real estate developer and urban planner knows that Portland, Oregon rocks. Blog Post
Aug 11, 2009   By Rick Abelson
One important planning approach for sustainable living is how to locate and integrate the natural and man-made attributes of the land to configure a low-carbon site for large scale development. Blog Post
Jun 8, 2009   By Rick Abelson
On a recent business trip to Australia, I had the opportunity to visit with an interesting group of social planners called The Hornery Institute. Blog Post
Apr 5, 2009   By Rick Abelson
 Architecture is certainly headed for its own version of the Big Bang. A density of firms are simmering with scarce backlog, delinquent collections, looming layoffs, high overhead, low morale as weakened management relies on a foggy stimulus package to forestall an explosion of great magnitude. After the inevitable, our profession will reconstitute based on a new chemistry. Blog Post
Mar 1, 2009   By Rick Abelson
Usually planners get involved in the allocation and details of creating both public and private spaces for groups of people engaged in a wide range of variety of activities. Blog Post
Jan 24, 2009   By Rick Abelson