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Rick Abelson is a Director at Online Land Planning, LLC.
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Rick Abelson is a recognized leader in creating culturally significant land planning developments worldwide. His peers regard him as an original thinker and an internationally respected designer of destination attractions, mixed-use town centers, urban infill and new communities. In many cases, Rick’s projects have become the catalyst for civic revitalization and his early participation and strategic forward-thinking adds immediate financial value to properties seeking optimum land definition. Rick is a regularly featured speaker and panelist at national conferences and has published many articles and blog entries on land planning and urban design issues.

Rick received his Masters of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon where he awarded the Pennell Architecture Prize. His professional affliations include the Milken Institute, National Association of Home Builders, Forum on Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development, The Urban Land Institute Commercial & Retail Development Council, Lambda Alpha International, Business Week Exchange, Harvard Graduate School of Design Alumni Council and the California Marine Parks & Harbors Association.

Prior to joining Online Land Planning, Rick was Vice President of Aperion Companies, a land development company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was a Design Director and Firmwide Practice Area Leader of Planning & Urban Design at Gensler and Director of Landscape Architecture at Gruen Associates in Los Angeles, California.

Rick is a licensed Landscape Architect and CLARB certified. Each spring, Rick teaches a popular advanced design course at UCLA Extension Department of Landscape Architecture entitled, 'The Recovery and Transformation of Man-Made Sites'.

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