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Two primary strategies will help to achieve affordable living: Reduce household transportation costs and support smaller living spaces.
May 6, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
Cities take a physical form that either supports or is stressful to people outside of a moving vehicle or building. Witold Rybczynski, in his critique of New Urbanism, forgets that lesson.
Apr 28, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
For three generations, the American Dream was largely defined by continual suburban expansion. A new urban dream has emerged, and it is here to stay.
Apr 21, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
The multifamily industry is building more in walkable locations, but developers still need instruction on the manners of placemaking. Here are some hints.
Apr 15, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
In a comprehensive piece called "What's New in New Urbanism," Multi-Housing News reports that new urban ideas have "swept the industry over the past 20 years."
Apr 14, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
If you want to be profiled in Wikipedia, it is better to be born in an urban place.
Apr 9, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
After generations of sales focused on conventional suburbia, realtors are discovering the demand for walkable, urban places.
Apr 7, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
The administrative change to follow recent successful FHA standards, according to CNU president John Norquist.
Apr 2, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
Connecting competence to organized support is key to reversing the Sisyphean cycle of urban placemaking.
Mar 31, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
Initial attempts at making city streets more encouraging to cyclists have often been marred by poor design.
Mar 28, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns