The Chicago Tribune interviews Josh Squire, the entrepreneur responsible for Chicago's bike sharing pilot program.
Jul 30, 2010   Chicago Tribune
After three years of false starts, there is renewed interest in a congestion pricing plan for the Chicago area.
Jul 14, 2010   Chicago Tribune
A pilot bike-sharing program will debut this summer in downtown Chicago.
Jun 22, 2010   Chicago Now
Mayor Daley's successes in downtown Chicago have attracted attention worldwide, but what about the rest of the city? Greg Hinz and Steven R. Strahler say Daley has fixed downtown but not the city's neighborhoods.
Jun 14, 2010   Chicago Business
Mayor Bing of Detroit has announced an intention to "right-size" the city. Ed Glaeser talks about what that might mean.
Mar 18, 2010   NYTimes Economix Blog
Voters in Colorado Springs, Colorado voted against an increase in property taxes in November. Now they're getting a lesson in what taxes pay for, as city services cut back on water, electricity and maintenance.
Feb 5, 2010   Denver Post
Other cities have opened up tall buildings to the public; Pittsburgh envisions doing the same with US Steel, which has a 1-acre flat roof.
Feb 4, 2010   PopCity Magazine
Witold Rybczynski takes a look at architecture that has fared poorly with time.
Feb 4, 2010
Allison Arieff takes a look at some of the ways GIS and other data-visualization technologies can help to address urban problems.
Feb 4, 2010   NYTimes: Opinionator Blog
In a new working paper called “The Greenness of China: Household Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Urban Development,” Siqi Zheng, Rui Wang, Edward L. Glaeser, and Matthew E. Kahn rank 74 Chinese cities in terms of their household carbon footprints.
Jan 11, 2010   NYTimes