When you have a small electric motor, a battery, and a throttle on your bicycle, it becomes very difficult to make any more excuses. Here's why... Blog Post
Dec 11, 2014   By Ian Sacs
If certain elements of masterplanning are not carefully chosen—and their impacts not carefully explained to final decision makers—then there runs great risk that the cities we design from scratch perform worse than the cities we already have. Blog Post
Apr 28, 2014   By Ian Sacs
Planners can learn a lot about the havoc money unleashes on otherwise benign development plans from the moral fortitude displayed by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. Blog Post
Feb 3, 2014   By Ian Sacs
Advocating safety for the successful electric replacement of internal combustion engine cars solves many of the challenges of an automobile-inclusive future urbanity, and there will be no other kind. Blog Post
Sep 1, 2013   By Ian Sacs
We can best thank Portland and other pioneers for all their hard work with on-street bicycle parking (a.k.a. "bike corrals") by simply benefitting ourselves from their efforts. Here's how... Blog Post
Aug 21, 2013   By Ian Sacs
Failures, when experienced as part of creatively contributing to the solution, are not just OK, they are a good thing. Blog Post
Jun 25, 2013   By Ian Sacs
Small business owners who drive themselves nuts arguing against the reuse of on-street parking with other balanced transportation solutions is a shame because there is so much good data to prove it's actually very good for business. Blog Post
Jun 3, 2013   By Ian Sacs
The epic, years-long battle for converting one Holland Tunnel tube to a bicycle/pedestrian-only facility may find compromise in this proposed free ticket voucher program for bicycle-toting ferry passengers. Blog Post
May 29, 2013   By Ian Sacs
Using bicycle racks as partitions in lieu of fences, called "bike breaks", in heavily trafficked areas accomplishes two goals at once and fends off the design wonks. Blog Post
May 23, 2013   By Ian Sacs
The evolution of today's infrastructure-intensive bike sharing systems has been a hard-fought learning process; alas, the current paradigm is about to get turned on its head, and it's happening – surprise - this week in Hoboken, New Jersey. Blog Post
May 16, 2013   By Ian Sacs