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Ian Sacs, P.E. is a worldwide transportation solutions consultant based in Finland.
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Ian Sacs has been playing in traffic for over ten years. He solves challenging urban transportation and parking problems by making the best possible use of precious public spaces and designing custom-fit programs to distribute modal demand. As Director of Transportation and Parking for the City of Hoboken, Ian introduced many innovative transportation and parking solutions, such as "Corner Cars", a municipal car-sharing amenity that resulted in over 750 residents shedding their unneeded cars in less than two years, "Hoboken Daylighting", intersection safety measures that reduced pedestrian and bicycle collisions with automobiles by 30% and 60%, respectively, as well as shared parking strategies that maximized utilization in one of America's most over-parked cities. Ian is currently a worldwide transportation solutions consultant based in Finland, where he endeavors to "do as the Finns do" and commute by bicycle throughout the year. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE), holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Tennessee, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Florida International University. View Ian Sacs, P.E.'s LinkedIn profileView Ian Sacs, P.E.'s profile

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