As Mumbai recovers from the recent terrorist attacks, social worker Katia Savchuk reflects on how cities can be resilient to terrorism.
Dec 1, 2008   Where
Is it possible to condense two weeks of soaring rhetoric by politicians into a single graphic? Let's find out. In my last post I covered free online tools for creating information graphics.  Here is a look at another free online tool that can be used to easily create sophisticated visualizations and information graphics. Blog Post
Oct 23, 2008   By Abhijeet Chavan
An introduction to free tools for creating interactive information graphics. As professionals shaping the built and natural environment, we have to process and communicate complicated concepts and data to peers and the public. We often use visuals such as maps, charts, graphs, and diagrams to illustrate a concept or explore data.  Such visual representations are called information graphics or infographics. Blog Post
Aug 20, 2008   By Abhijeet Chavan
Google announces walking directions feature for Google Maps.
Jul 23, 2008   Google
When California declared a statewide drought, a couple decided to let their front lawn die.
Jul 10, 2008   RedOrbit
The number of retirement communities is growing rapidly. Author Andrew D. Blechman warns about the social cost of age-segregation.
Jul 10, 2008   The Los Angeles Times
Satirist Stephen Colbert demands an explanation why the U.S. no longer has the world's tallest skyscrapers while construction is booming overseas.
Jul 4, 2008   Comedy Central
The Economist reviews the state of America's crumbling civil infrastructure. With water, transit, bridge, and road systems failing, experts call for increased investment and careful planning.
Jun 30, 2008   The Economist
Inventor, visionary, and architect Buckminster Fuller used design to tackle problems including homelessness and environmental degradation.
Jun 26, 2008   Democracy Now!
Architects are coming together to create innovative designs aimed at solving the world's tough humanitarian problems.
Jun 26, 2008   PBS: Frontline