City Limits magazine recently completed a review of the 18 presidential candidates' stances on urban issues, and the major news is that there is no news. Most domestic issues, let alone those related to cities, don't even appear on the candidates' -- or the media's -- radar screens. Their article quotes a political scientist who "says 2008 is shaping up as 'yet another gigantic referendum on Bush and Iraq.'" The bright spots? Blog Post
Jun 2, 2007   By David Gest
This week, the Economist’s cover story, "The trouble with the housing market," details the downward-spiraling "subprime" mortgage market and its potential effects on the U.S. economy. The collapsing market certainly poses problems to Wall Street traders and taxpayers in general, but what about the physical toll it's taking on our cities? Abandoned, foreclosed homes now increasingly dot the nation's inner ring suburbs, helping spread neighborhood decline out from inner cities, while developers build more homes farther into the urban periphery. Blog Post
Mar 25, 2007   By David Gest
As planners and most allied professionals know, the federal government lacks cohesive urban and environmental policies, and especially during the tenure of the current Bush administration, there has been a relative lack of investment in cities, public transportation systems, and alternative sources of energy. Blog Post
Mar 6, 2007   By David Gest
The sprawl vs. smart growth and New Urbanism debate is far from a black and white issue. Planners must account for the complexities of commutes and demographic patterns when deciding how best to approach land use issues, writes Sriram Khé, PhD, Associate Professor of Geography at Western Oregon University, in this Op-Ed. Exclusive
Jul 24, 2006  By Sriram Khe
Pedestrian pioneer Alan Durning describes what his family of five is learning by living without four wheels in Cascadia's largest city. Can they survive without the essential currency of the modern American community? Exclusive
Jul 17, 2006  By Alan Thein Durning
Are the city and the metaphor of the city, as depicted in film and literature, one in the same? In Cityscapes: Cultural Readings in the Material and Symbolic City, Ben Highmore highlights familiar cultural texts in an attempt to show how artists capture the essence of the rhythm, networks, and contradictions of city life, writes Planetizen Correspondent Lainie Herrera in this book review. Exclusive
Jul 11, 2006  By Lainie Herrera
Using Wrights & Sites new "A Mis-Guide To Anywhere", city dwellers around the world can unlock a "mental toolkit" that will help them discover the extraordinary in the seemingly mundane urban experience, writes author Phil Smith. Exclusive
Jul 10, 2006  By Phil Smith
Mariel Garza, columnist for the L.A. Daily news, spent 30 days leaving her car at home and taking the bus for nearly all trips.
Jul 5, 2006   L.A. Daily News
From affordable housing development to the Trump Towers, the dynamic yet low profile real estate industry represents so much more than brokerage, writes James Carberry, co-author of The Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate, in this Op-Ed. Exclusive
Jul 5, 2006  By James Carberry
A resident of New York City offers multimedia impressions of the city, its modes of transport, and environmental history.
Jun 30, 2006