Urban Fold
A lack of decent parking is the biggest reason more people don't bike to work. Several American cities are now trying to deal with the issue by adding more parking for bicyclists.
Aug 19, 2009   Slate Magazine
Lacking good public transit connections, residents of Red Hook, New York are taking advantage of the free bus and water taxi service recently launched by the Swedish retail giant to bring customers to its new store in the neighborhood.
Jul 9, 2008   New York Daily News
As walkable urban communities become the neighborhoods of choice, are suburban subdivisions destined to become twenty-first century slums?
Jun 16, 2008   CNN
As drivers complain about higher gas prices, one California lawmaker is promoting a new 9 cent fee on gasoline to fund public transportation and congestion relief in Los Angeles County.
Jun 4, 2008   NPR
As the cities in the arid Western United States face huge water shortages, officials and scientists are trying to convince the public that recycled wastewater can be clean and safe.
May 29, 2008   Governing
With some predicting that this fast growing metropolis will run out of water within the decade, the head of the region's water authority has a tough job ahead.
May 29, 2008   Metropolis Magazine
A recent report by a Federal Reserve Bank senior economist argues that Houston's resiliency during the ongoing housing crisis is due in part to its lack of zoning regulations.
May 29, 2008   The Houston Chronicle
Requiring all cities and towns to building affordable housing is bad policy. The focus should be on building housing in existing urban areas near jobs and transit, not in rural and suburban towns.
May 29, 2008   The New York Times
BART, the region's rail transit agency, is negotiating with a private company to install a wireless network that would allow riders to check email and access the Internet.
May 28, 2008   PC World
The installation of a green roof and solar array on the rooftop of the new WGBH building in Boston is captured on video.
May 27, 2008   The Boston Globe