Development and research projects allow small firms entry into large-scale design. Blog Post
Jun 18, 2014   By Anna Bergren Miller
Niehoff Urban Studio brings students from different departments together to work on bettering Cincinnati's built environment. Blog Post
May 8, 2014   By Anna Bergren Miller
On Urban-Think Tank, a design firm working at the intersection of architecture and urbanism to further environmental justice. Blog Post
Apr 28, 2014   By Anna Bergren Miller
Looking at the trend toward interdisciplinary design practice through the work of WXY Architecture + Urban Design. Blog Post
Apr 3, 2014   By Anna Bergren Miller
Once upon a time, tech start-ups located almost exclusively in the suburbs. New data reveals the extent to which this pattern has been reversed.
Apr 2, 2014   Atlantic Cities
Walk Score’s new food desert map is a potentially powerful tool in the ongoing policy debate about access to healthy foods. But it’s still a work in progress.
Apr 2, 2014   Next City
London’s contemporary affordable-housing crisis has revived a century-old idea: the garden city.
Mar 23, 2014   Atlantic Cities
Tiny houses aren’t just for eco-warriors. They can also be a means for homeless and mentally ill individuals to reenter mainstream society.
Mar 23, 2014   Grist
America’s electricity infrastructure is vulnerable to physical attack. And while federal regulators have known this for years, they’ve been slow to compel security upgrades.
Mar 17, 2014   Los Angeles Times
The same minority groups hit hardest by the housing bust are benefiting least during recovery.
Mar 17, 2014   MetroTrends Blog