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Walker Wells is director of the green urbanism program for Global Green USA and a lecturer at Pomona College and UCLA.
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Mr. Wells is director of the Green Urbanism Program for Global Green USA, a national non-profit organization headquartered in Santa Monica. He works with local governments, affordable housing developers, and school districts across the country to further sustainable development practices via technical assistance, charrettes and workshops, and developing public policy related to green building, renewable energy, and sustainable development. He also is a lecturer in green urbansim and green development at the Claremont Colleges and the UCLA Urban Planning Program.

Prior to joining Global Green, Mr. Wells was a Senior Urban Design with Gruen Associates in Los Angeles, an Associate Planner with the City of Santa Monica, and an Urban Planner for the City of Malmo, Sweden. Mr. Wells holds Bachelor's degrees in Sociology and Environmental Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara and a Master’s of City and Regional from the California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo. He also studied at Lund University and the Lund PolyTechnic Institute School of Architecture in Sweden. Mr. Wells is a certified urban planner, and a LEED Accredited Professional.

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