United States

April 9, 2003, 6am PDT
A new report examines the relationship between cities' decisions regardingland redevelopment and their underlying fiscal structures.
The Brookings Institution
April 9, 2003, 5am PDT
Leon Kreier, inaugural recipient of the Richard Dreihaus Award for Classical Architecture is interviewed.
WBEZ FM Chicago
April 8, 2003, 10am PDT
The Internet is changing the way homes are bought and sold.
The New York Times
April 8, 2003, 8am PDT
New Jersey publishes a tri-color map to help fight sprawl.
The Star-Ledger
April 8, 2003, 7am PDT
This new study reports on the results of an extensive survey of state legislative and program initiatives that can boost cities' to redevelop vacant and abandoned properties.
The Brookings Institution
April 8, 2003, 6am PDT
Neal Peirce says that youth can help in the search for regional solutions.
Citistates Group
April 7, 2003, 2pm PDT
Rome rekindles the economic potential of the river Tiber.
The Independent
April 7, 2003, 1pm PDT
A new transit partnership is now airing pro-public transit advertising spots on major television stations across the U.S.
Public Transportation Partnership For Tomorrow
April 7, 2003, 11am PDT
Approximately 1,000 members of Los Angeles' burgeoning system of neighborhood councils met for their twice-yearly congress.
The Los Angeles Times
April 7, 2003, 10am PDT
The architect of the Sydney Opera House, Joern Utzon, has won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize.
April 7, 2003, 8am PDT
New research claims that the earth was warmer during the Middle Ages, weakening the argument by environmentalists that greenhouse gases are causing global climate change.
The Daily Telegraph
April 7, 2003, 7am PDT
Is Anaheim the New Brooklyn? With no soaring skyline or grand public spaces, "Boomburbs" are the ubiquitous background noise of the greater metropolis.
April 7, 2003, 6am PDT
Economics and gentrification is causing the extinction of local movies houses.
The New York Times
April 5, 2003, 12pm PST
The Bush administration wants states to manage the vast Section 8 housing programs.
The New York Times
April 5, 2003, 11am PST
A new Bush administration cost-benefit analysis tool could significantly change the way the government assesses and regulates environmental threats..
Common Dreams
April 5, 2003, 10am PST
The project to build 78 massive sea gates to protect Venice from devastating high tides has been launched.
The Independent
April 4, 2003, 2pm PST
Daniel Patrick Moynihan combined a rare mix of passion, politics and urban vision.
The New York Times
April 4, 2003, 9am PST
Mammoth construction management firms Bechtel and Parsons are the two finalists to be selected for a $600 million contract for rebuilding Iraq. [Link corrected.]
The Los Angeles Times
April 4, 2003, 6am PST
NASA presents compelling images and movies from space showing the impacts of growth and sprawl.
NASA Science News
April 3, 2003, 11am PST
Steel from the World Trade Center has been incorporated into the design of more than 250 tributes across the U.S.
The Los Angeles Times