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Public and private interests have emerged to revitalize the Queens neighborhood, an inter-modal hub ten miles east of Midtown Manhattan.
3 hours ago   New York Times (Real Estate)
A World Research Institute report offers seven prescriptions for designing safer cities. At the top of the list: avoid sprawl.
4 days ago   Motherboard
Supporters of New Urbanism may live across the political spectrum, but they all want to live in traditional neighborhoods.
4 days ago   Pacific Standard
The federal government surveyed the country to recognize the best (multi-modal) transportation planning projects.
4 days ago   Fast Lane (DOT blog)
What happened to the "strategic" in the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserves? As Politico reveals, heretofore these oil reserves have only been sold when the nation's oil supply was threatened. Republicans leaders now view the SPR as a cash cow.
4 days ago   Politico
A new study offers evidence that walking in a natural setting is more beneficial to mental health than walking in an urban setting.
4 days ago   New York Times
High quality, high altitude images of that marvel of modern engineering: the freeway interchange.
4 days ago   Politico Magazine
A map for good reads and long drives to new places.
4 days ago   Atlas Obscura
Limitations of data collection mean many questions about housing consumption simply cannot be answered.
5 days ago   Housing Perspectives
A publicly available web tool allows access to maps that overlay environmental impacts and the populations they impact (or the populations that manage to avoid such impacts, for that matter).
5 days ago   Smithsonian Magazine
We look at what happened in the Senate on Tuesday when the six-year DRIVE Act, relying on a variety of non-user fee revenue mechanisms to finance the Highway Trust Fund shortfall for three years, failed a procedural vote, and where it goes next.
5 days ago   The Washington Post