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Jeff Speck and Spencer Boomhower created a video to illustrate how road diets work.
18 hours ago   CityLab
At some point in the past 35 years, the word infrastructure became common in policy discussions and even in the common tongue. But why did we suddenly prefer the word "infrastructure" to other terms like "public works"?
4 days ago   Governing
If housing prices were tracked like the stock market, urban cores would be soaring to new highs.
5 days ago   City Commentary
A study recently published in the Journal of the American Planning Association finds that the APA's definition of "great neighborhoods" might be leaving low-income and minority populations behind. Exclusive
6 days ago  By Emily Talen
Americans are driving more, again. Streetsblog dares to challenges the Federal Highway Administration on whether that's data worth celebrating.
6 days ago   Streetsblog USA
Friday's foiled attempt by an alleged terrorist to massacre civilians on a Paris-bound, high-speed Thalys train has raised fears that a similar attack could be launched on one of America's lesser-speed trains. Are current security measures adequate?
Aug 26, 2015   The New York Times - U.S.
The big birthday means admission is free to national parks today as well.
Aug 25, 2015   The Oregonian
Safety experts, like NHTSA, and safety advocates, like bicycle and pedestrian organizations, have replaced the commonly used "accident" with "crash" or similar nouns. Kevin Drum of Mother Jones asks if it really makes a difference.
Aug 25, 2015   Mother Jones
A bill proposed in the U.S. Senate provides a model for how the federal government could support resilience planning in waterfront and coastal communities.
Aug 25, 2015   APA Policy News
A NASA study finds that no irrigated vegetation covers more surface in the United States than the collection of lawns that are so important to the American identity.
Aug 24, 2015   Fusion
"We use housing as a platform to create greater opportunity in people's lives."
Aug 24, 2015   The Diane Rehm Show