West Virginia

The most recent coverage of the Alliance for Biking and Walking’s 2014 Benchmark report compares each of the states for how much federal transportation funding they devote to active transportation.
Apr 21, 2014   Streetsblog USA
Controversial technique by mining companies of dynamiting moutaintops to get at coal destroys more than the environment.
Aug 4, 2006   Grist Magazine
It is possible to move three, four, or even five counties out from the District of Columbia and still feel the effects of growth in the national capital region, even though Unger, W.Va. is not generally considered a suburb of Washington.
Jun 30, 2006   The Washington Post
After suffering population loss and poverty for decades, West Virginia recently posted a decline in the unemployment rate, spurred by the resurging coal, tourism, and construction industries.
Jun 13, 2006   By David Gest
Many West Virginians must leave the state to find work, but they long for home.
May 23, 2006   The New York Times
Inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places could bring federal dollars for Neal Deal homesteads.
Aug 26, 2003   The Washington Post
The environmental movement suffered a setback as whe Supreme Court refuses to hear a case about mountaintop coal mining in West Virginia.
Jan 24, 2002   Charleston Gazette
Contest for the city with the best public tap water draws international attention to drinking water quality.
Feb 23, 2001   The San Diego Union-Tribune