Puerto Rico

The oldest city in the Americas bans cars from its colonial streets and outlines a plan to make San Juan more livable. David Soto gives us a look at this ambitious plan. Exclusive
Jul 26, 2010  By David Soto
Puerto Rico seems to be at the head of the pack in terms of jobs created by the federal stimulus bill. But the news isn't all sunny from the island territory, as the governor moves to slash thousands of public sector jobs.
Nov 4, 2009   Christian Science Monitor
The San Juan municipal government (Puerto Rico's capital city) will penalize anyone who uses public structures such as lampposts and bridges to display posters and ads.
Mar 14, 2006   Puerto Rico Wow
Puerto Rico's Secretary of Public Works illustrates the potential for an integrated mass transit system in conjuction with the opening of San Juan's new heavy rail system.
May 27, 2003   El Nuevo Día
The U.S. Navy leaves the Vieques leaving behind a contaminated site that may added to the Superfund list.
May 4, 2003   The New York Times
Facing challenges of depleting resources and population growth, a call is made for Authorities in Puerto Rico to implement the sustainable development vision that is stated in its public policy.
Mar 20, 2003   El Nuevo Día
How to foment the development of a new "entrepreneurial class" in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico by actually promoting those now called "smart growth" principles.
Feb 26, 2003   El Nuevo Día
Plans are being developed around an upcoming Urban Train alignment with a Livable Communitities and New Urbanism focus.
Jan 22, 2002   El Nuevo Día
Puerto Rico's "Urban Train" is a bold experiment that is similar to efforts by other U.S. cities to fight sprawl with train systems. But there are some differences.
Oct 18, 2001   MetropolisMag.com