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The state of Washington is finding that more and more fatal car crashes involve drivers under the influence of THC. But legal limbo, lack of research, and spotty detection makes the question of what to do very hard to answer.
2 days ago   Crosscut
The event of a huge earthquake off the Aleutian Islands could send a devastating tsunami towards the West coast of the U.S. Researchers have released maps of what a worst-case scenario might look like for coastal communities.
Dec 20, 2009   San Francisco Chronicle
Barry Johnson of The Oregonian looks back at Portland's urban renewal program, what was lost in the demolition of neighborhoods and what was gained.
Dec 17, 2009   The Oregonian
Figures from a new report indicate that cycling is on the decline in Portland, widely considered America's top biking city.
Dec 16, 2009   Willamette Week
A new affordable housing development going up in Portland's dense Pearl District will include a public school on the ground floor.
Dec 3, 2009   Daily Journal of Commerce Oregon
Matthew Roth of Streetsblog SF takes a tour of Portland's impressive green streets program from landscape architect David Elkin. Stormwater runoff is a major component of the program, as are new bike lane designs.
Nov 15, 2009   Streetsblog
This week's <em>Smart City</em> features discussions with Harvard economist Ed Glaeser about shrinking cities, and with urban design critic Randy Gragg about interactive art and urban design projects.
Nov 8, 2009   Smart City
Community Cycling Center is working to close the racial gap in Portland's cycling community.
Oct 30, 2009   BikePortland.org
A roundabout replaced a flashing red light that was causing traffic jams at an intersection in Wanker's Corner, Oregon. Locals are calling it a miracle.
Oct 28, 2009   The Oregonian
Cohousing, which is cooperatively-managed but independently-owned housing, is gaining popularity in the Northwest. A new cohousing project in Portland just opened its doors last weekend.
Oct 22, 2009   Northwest Hub
While more residents walk or bike for nonwork trips, Orenco Station residents are still driving to work at a rate comparable to other area suburbs.
Oct 20, 2009   The Oregonian