The ongoing saga of the tax and regulatory standing of Airbnb, the popular room rental app and poster child for the sharing economy, is evolving in San Francisco, Portland and the state of New York.
4 days ago   SFGate
<p>While planners generally sell plans with "integrated infill" and "elegant density" that pairs new development with public amenities, the reality of what gets built in neighborhoods isn't always what's promised.</p>
Apr 7, 2008   The Oregonian
<p>Oregon's property rights issues should serve as a cautionary tale for the rest of the country, according to this article from <em>Metropolis</em>.</p>
Mar 26, 2008   Metropolis Magazine
<p>In an unlikely meeting of minds, environmentalists, the Port of Portland and other industrial groups have come together to request funding for the protection of sensitive waterfront habitats along the Willamette River.</p>
Mar 17, 2008   The Portland Tribune
<p>A state task force looking at improving the Oregon state land use and planning system is going back to work.</p>
Mar 14, 2008   The Oregonian
<p>Portland city officials are warming up to the idea that jobs are key to sustainable cities, and have proposed a plan to try to lure sustainable businesses to the city.</p>
Mar 6, 2008   The Portland Tribune
<p>A proposal to make Eugene, Oregon's bus system fare-free has been voted down by the regional transit district.</p>
Feb 28, 2008   The Register-Guard
<p>Subdivisions that were approved under Oregon's Measure 37 in 2004 and then overturned by the passage of Measure 49 last November are moving forward, but only a few houses at a time -- a result Measure 49's proponents say is a victory.</p>
Feb 21, 2008   The Oregonian
<p>Portland's plan for ending homelessness by 2015 has caught the attention of several Canadian municipalities, which are looking to apply the Portland model to their own cities.</p>
Feb 20, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>This editorial argues that a growth boundary is not the right way to control suburban growth in Salem, Oregon.</p>
Feb 17, 2008   Statesman Journal
<p>Boise State University's Centre for Creativity and Innovation has created and index of creative cities that's found Boise to be just about as creative as cities such as Portland and Seattle.</p>
Feb 13, 2008   Boise State University Focus Magazine