A blogger writes that bike advocates should think outside the bike lane to bike parking facilities—only when the costs of biking are externalized will a critical mass adopt biking.
3 days ago   Bike Portland
High Country News reports on Fresno's infamous Taco Flat in this 4-pager. Seattle's Nickelsville and Portland's Dignity Village are held up as better examples of squatter settlements. Architecture and 'informal urbanism' of tent cities is examined.
Apr 9, 2009   High Country News
Oregon has just received a wilderness designation on more than 200,000 acres of land. Environmentalists are welcoming the move, which they hope will protect sensitive lands from development and misuse.
Apr 8, 2009   The Oregonian
Portland's Metro authority is mapping out the region's transit plans for the next 30 years, and the public is getting involved.
Apr 3, 2009   The Oregonian
Population estimates mean that the Portland region will need about 300,000 additional homes by 2030. Where they should all go is up for debate.
Mar 30, 2009   The Oregonian
BikePortland.com editor Jonathan Maus interviews Rep. Wayne Krieger about his legislation requiring cyclists to register their bicycles.
Mar 26, 2009   BikePortland.org
The mayors of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington have come to an agreement about the size of a new bridge that will connect the two cities -- but on the condition that a bistate commission be set up to control congestion through tolling.
Mar 4, 2009   The Oregonian
The Christian Science Monitor editorializes in support of the VMT fee replacing the gas tax just as the latest federal transportation financing commission report recommends, as Oregon Governor Kulongoski hopes to do, and as some will do in Europe.
Mar 4, 2009   The Christian Science Monitor
Sightline's Clark Williams-Derry looks at low gas prices, a down economy, and vehicle-miles-traveled, noting that the precipitous declines in VMT have halted, and suspects it may plateau.
Feb 27, 2009   WorldChanging
Population growth estimates foresee the equivalent of an additional 15 Seattles concentrating in the Pacific Northwest over the next one hundred years. How the region handles this growth is up for debate, but with a distinct sense of urgency.
Feb 24, 2009   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Population growth, and its impact on land use, should not be overlooked, argues environmental writer John Feeney, who's set up a conference of scientists to examine the issue. This article looks at how population growth is affecting Oregon.
Feb 12, 2009   The Oregonian