New York

A new feature on Transportation Nation will highlight the tragedy of traffic fatalities in New York City, by profiling the people who passed and the traffic circumstances that took them.
Yesterday   WNYC: Transportation Nation
The perils of drinking and driving have been well documented - but what of drinking and riding the subway? While the latter only endangers oneself for the most part, crashes can still happen - in this piece, a $2.3 million award was overturned.
Jun 24, 2010   The New York Times - N.Y. / Region
The new Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York is opening bit by bit. <em>Places</em> talks with Matthew Urbanski, one of the principal designers behind the park about its design and impact.
Jun 22, 2010   Places
New York City's Department of Transportation has been experimenting with "warm-mix asphalt", which emits fewer emissions because it only has to be heated to 200 degrees.
Jun 21, 2010   NY DOT
Patrick Arden reports that "No other parks system in America relies as much on other people's money" as New York. Arden examines the public-private partnership, and problems inherent in relying on donations to maintain parks.
Jun 21, 2010   Next American City
Goldman Sachs' new headquarters in New York is "modern but nowhere near the architectural cutting edge; neither cheap nor extravagant; and efficient without seeming merely functional." Paul Goldberger dissects the new Henry Cobb design.
Jun 16, 2010   The New Yorker
New York State Assembly Member Sam Hoyt is sponsoring new legislation to bring state spending in line with smart growth planning principles.
Jun 10, 2010   Streetsblog
More changes are coming to Manhattan as auto-space yields to bus-space on First and Second Aves. Will transit users comply with the honor system as boarding will take place from all three doors? The lanes will be 'terra-cotta brown' without barrier.
Jun 8, 2010   The New York Times - N.Y. / Region
The 150-year-old Staten Island Railway is one of the NYC Transit Authority's little known gems. There's no charge if you travel between any of the 20 intermediary stations. It serves the St. George Ferry Terminal for the ferry trip to Manhattan.
Jun 5, 2010   Staten Island Real-Time News
More than 100 photographers were set out on the streets of New York as part of a six month project to document the changes the city has gone through over the past decade.
Jun 5, 2010   The Architect's Newspaper
A new report about how New York City should react and adapt to climate change raises ideas and questions about what other large cities should do to prepare themselves for a changing climate.
Jun 4, 2010   Fast Company