In the eight years since Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf Coast states have made great strides in adopting new visions for their cities and towns. A new report outlines the recovery's progress, pointing to successes in housing and transportation.
Sep 3, 2013   The Sun Herald
A model home here that gives Katrina's displaced an alternative to trailer living is starting to take the country by storm.
Oct 6, 2006   The Christian Science Monitor
This article from <em>Governing Magazine</em> looks at the planning process along the Gulf Coast as cities and towns look to rebuild, but struggle to decide what to rebuild into.
Oct 4, 2006   Governing Magazine
More than half of the residents in the small unincorporated community of Henderson Point, Mississippi, turned out to help begin planning for the rebuilding of their completely devastated community.
Sep 21, 2006   Biloxi Sun-Herald
Architect James Polk is setting up to begin work on his plan for a walkable and sustainable community in the Gulf Coast region.
Sep 8, 2006   Hattiesburg American
The Christian Science Monitor runs a feature-length, three-part series that examines the people, money, and environment on the Gulf Coast one year after Katrina.
Sep 2, 2006   The Christian Science Monitor
While New Orleans' economy struggles to return to its pre-storm levels, cities such as Mobile, Alabama are reaping the benefits of renewed economic vigor.
Aug 25, 2006   The Wall Street Journal
What the state of Mississippi has learned in one year of rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.
Aug 22, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
Despite a critical housing shortage and badly needed road repairs, the city of Biloxi sees an influx of casinos due to a change in state legislation.
Aug 7, 2006   The Wall Street Journal via The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Quick and inexpensive yet sturdy and charming, the Katrina Cottage, a housing type born out of the aftermath of the storm, could potentially change the way affordable housing is built.
Jul 13, 2006   Cottage Living
Frustrated with slow progress, a Mississippi Gulf Coast city is considering importing hundreds or thousands of Chinese laborers and materials to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina
Jun 28, 2006   The Los Angeles Times