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Included in the draft version of the DRIVE Act: funding to study the restoration of Amtrak's Sunset Limited route along the Gulf Coast until Hurricane Katrina.
Yesterday   The Hill
<p>As the deadline to file claims came to a close, the city of New Orleans was among thousands to submit a claim indicating they would sue the Army Corps of Engineers for damage caused by levee breaches. The city's claim totals more than $77 billion.</p>
Mar 5, 2007   New Orleans Times-Picayune
<p>The Nation magazine investigates whether 100,000 FEMA-purchased trailers are releasing toxic fumes from materials used in their construction, and made worse by low quality standards as the trailers were constructed at breakneck speeds.</p>
Feb 24, 2007   The Nation via Sun Herland
<p>The largest redevelopment project to date in New Orleans -- a city known worldwide for its music -- is aimed at bringing musicians back to town by giving them a place to live.</p>
Feb 23, 2007   The Christian Science Monitor
<p>In this article from <em>Metropolis Magazine</em>, architect and planner Andrés Duany looks at New Orleans through a new lens to find the city's true character -- and to redefine how the city can restore itself.</p>
Feb 18, 2007   Metropolis Magazine
<p>The Unified New Orleans Plan was supposed to unite seven separate, and often competing, official Hurricane Katrina rebuilding plans. But it has not been able to sidestep the controversial need to align the physical city to its shrunken population.</p>
Feb 14, 2007   Bloomberg News
<p>A historic New Orleans Catholic church lauded for its engineering ingenuity is now at the crossroads of recovery and respect.</p>
Feb 14, 2007   New Orleans Times-Picayune
<p>While planners and architects are giddy with the possibilities for sustainable development in New Orleans, the actual needs of the city's residents -- namely housing and jobs -- appear to have been forgotten.</p>
Feb 9, 2007   American Prospect via Alternet
<p>This report from <em>NPR</em> looks at the many factors that are delaying the disbursement of recovery and housing funds to hurricane victims in the Gulf Coast region.</p>
Feb 7, 2007   NPR
<p>As the community has roundly approved the Unified New Orleans Plan, coordinators of the recovery planning effort have announced that its costs could rise above $14 billion over the next decade. Exact funding sources have yet to be fully identified.</p>
Feb 4, 2007   The Times-Picayune
<p>The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the state of Louisiana recently a ribbon-cutting ceremony to announce the successful end of their cooperative efforts to restore devastated New Orleans back to its pre-hurricane squalor.</p>
Feb 2, 2007   The Onion