A post on the Chicago magazine site dives into research showing how Chicago has segregated by income since the 1970s.
Yesterday   Chicago Magazine
A proposed plan from Gensler and 4240 Architecture would turn an abandoned rail line in Chicago into an energy-generating, food-growing powerhouse. Oh, and a park too.
Nov 2, 2009   Fast Company
The Friend Convalescent Hospital was the first of Walter Gropius' modernist buildings to be destroyed at Chicago's Michael Reese hospital. Bulldozing began on Wednesday with more still to go.
Oct 31, 2009   The Chicago Tribune
This interview with Chief Environment Officer Sadhu Johnston highlights the progress Chicago's already had, including 7 million square feet of green roofs and more bike lanes.
Oct 30, 2009   American Society Of Landscape Architects
This article reviews the lengths Rio and Chicago went to show the Olympic Committee their green ambitions. Hint: both planted trees.
Oct 16, 2009   Fast Company
A successful small business in Chicago has ruffled some feathers in a neighborhood grappling with crime and poverty. Why? Because Felony Franks is too unsavory a name, even for a hot dog stand that employs ex-convicts.
Oct 14, 2009   The Wall Street Journal
The Chicago Sun-Times look at the transportation future of the Chicago area and sees a return to a time when trains were the main mode of transportation and people walked and bicycled more.
Oct 6, 2009   Chicago Sun-Times
Michael S. Thompson of the Chicago Honey Co-op discusses his urban beekeeping operation and how it provides jobs to otherwise hard-to-employ people.
Oct 3, 2009   Orion Magazine
High hopes for city change are attached to Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Even if the city wins the bid this Friday, the impact is likely to be modest, according to <em>Chicago Tribune</em> architecture critic Blair Kamin.
Sep 29, 2009   Chicago Tribune
Blair Kamin reviews the futuristic showcase, "Big. Bold. Visionary. Chicago Architects Consider the Next Century," curated by architect, Edward Keegan, on the anniversary of Burnham and Bennett's Plan of Chicago.
Sep 11, 2009   Chicago Tribune
Union Pacific has proposed an increase in its freight and high-speed rail traffic in Springfield, including a route running through the heart of the city. It calls for nine overpasses, which would cost millions and block homes and landmarks.
Sep 6, 2009   The State Journal-Register