Georgia's experience emerging from the recession as revenues increase after years of government belt tightening is common around the country. The question now: How to finance the improvements to the state's neglected transportation infrastructure?
Dec 13, 2014   SaportaReport
<p>As suburbanites who moved to the City of Atlanta to avoid crushing traffic congestion are ironically realizing, over-stressed in-town roads are buckling under the pressure of exponentially increasing usage. But help may not be on the way.</p>
Apr 25, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>A consultant's report recommends Atlanta codify the protection of artists' spaces in new zoning. Many cities are trying to redress the "Catch-22" of gentrification -- the displacement of artists from neighborhoods they helped turn around.</p>
Apr 16, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>This CNN video report looks at an Atlanta city councilperson's proposal to fight back against McMansions and limit the size of houses.</p>
Apr 16, 2007   CNN
<p>Confirming what Atlanta residents have long sensed based on mind-numbing traffic and high-rise condo towers breeding like bunnies, the Census Bureau announced that the Atlanta region has added more residents since 2000 than any other U.S. metro.</p>
Apr 5, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Atlanta's famously high levels of in-migration are propping up the regional housing market, even as other metro areas experience declines - or collapses - of their residential sectors.</p>
Apr 1, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Only three governments in Metro Atlanta support the local rail transit system. While the Atlanta City Council voted to extend the sales tax funding the system, some elected officials would like to put the issue to a public vote.</p>
Mar 31, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Despite being sued over its construction, a developer built a parking deck against code and severely limited the potential of the remaining downtown block it sits on.</p>
Mar 27, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Recently released Census population estimates project Metro Atlanta surpassing five million residents for the first time. The metropolitan statistical area is up to a whopping 28 counties.</p>
Mar 23, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>The city is responding to a new parking survey by adding uniform public parking signage and revising its parking structure zoning.</p>
Mar 21, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Emory University hopes wants provide affordable housing for faculty and staff and tackle the area's traffic problem by building pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use communities on land near campus -- though some area residents aren't sold on the idea.</p>
Mar 17, 2007   The Sunday Paper