The vast appeal of the open streets movement was on display in Atlanta last weekend, as the city hosted the Open Streets Summit and its very own event: Atlanta Streets Alive.
Sep 30, 2015   Saporta Report
Desperate to sell dilapidated, foreclosed homes, as well as to lure in local governments willing to build affordable housing, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is offering those properties for just a dollar.
Nov 7, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
That's how landscape architect Edward L. Daugherty sees his job. “I think if there is a thread in my work, it’s to help people use the space that is available,” he says in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as a retrospective of his work opens.
Oct 17, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Plans to demolish three houses to make room for more parking have pitted residents against an Atlanta church, arguing that city's planning blueprint prohibits demolitions for new surface parking. The church has filed suit.
Oct 6, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Wendell Cox reviews Atlanta's new Atlantic Station, and is pleasantly surprised to find lots of parking underneath the New Urbanist-style development. Could this be the inevitable blend of urban and suburban?
Sep 23, 2008   newgeography
Atlanta and other cities in the U.S. are fighting for a greater share of hotel taxes paid as a result of bookings through online sites.
Sep 10, 2008   Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Forbes keeps churning out the Top 10 Cities lists- this time looking at the best cities for single people.
Sep 6, 2008   Forbes says one resident of Atlanta's Inman Park neighborhood, which has gone from deserted industrial buildings to dense, urban community in four years.
Aug 30, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Tom Coffin is tasked with fining those who remove Atlanta trees without a proper permit, but last week he was fired, allegedly for complaining about the “almost total lack of enforcement” by other arborists.</p>
Aug 10, 2008   The New York Times
<p>Neal Peirce sums up the movement across the country in cities like Houston, Denver, and Charlotte towards improved transit systems, while latecomer Atlanta wakes up to their transit deficit.</p>
Aug 4, 2008
<p>The population of white people in Atlanta is growing larger by the day, a demographic shift many say is bringing about major changes in the city. This article from <em>Governing</em> says other cities are seeing similar trends.</p>
Jul 19, 2008   Governing