Beginning last year, states increased gas taxes and entered public-private partnerships, as are some cities. But it's not an easy haul for cities nor states, and Congress has yet to agree how to furnish sufficient revenue to match current spending.
Apr 7, 2014   The Wall Street Journal - U.S.
<p>Delaware is considering three proposals for new environmentally-friendly power plants, and many residents are supporting a plan to build a large offshore wind farm. A recent survey showed that more than 80% of residents favored the wind farm option.</p>
May 4, 2007   NPR
Delaware transit officials try reducing toll prices for trucks during off-peak hours on one of the nation's busiest highways in an effort to ease congestion.
Oct 14, 2005   USA Today
Scientists say sprawl makes regions vulnerable to flooding.
Sep 18, 2003   Delaware News Journal
A ruling overturns a provision designed to curb the conversion of single-family homes into rental units in Newark for University of Delaware students.
Jun 19, 2003   Denver Business Journal
Banking establishments rejuvenate an industrial riverfront in Wilmington, DE.
Jul 30, 2001   The New York Times
Gov. Ruth Ann Minner has signed a bill creating a panel that will search for ways to corral the state's growing population.
Jul 1, 2001   The Baltimore Sun
Experts discuss urban runoff pollution at a University of Connecticut land use seminar.
May 20, 2001   Cape Gazette