District of Columbia

Observation of a handful of transit platform sign styles from around the world on their clarity and usefulness.
2 days ago   The Atlantic City Lab
A new study shows that Adequate Public Finance Ordinances (APFOs)in the National Capital Region may counter state's efforts at managing growth effectively.
May 30, 2006   The Washington Post
If Washington, D.C. gets a new stadium, what will the city lose?
May 16, 2006   By Chris Steins
Soaring above the Potomac River, the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge will be completed on time and on budget, thanks to regional cooperation.
May 16, 2006   The Washington Post
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the District of Columbia continues to lose resident population, although city leaders deny the trend.
May 6, 2006   Washington Citypaper
The law requires developers to put down a deposit for unforeseen repairs needed by owners, yet the it can be very difficult for owners to get their hands on the money.
Apr 21, 2006   Washington City Paper
In Washington, D.C., "siteseeing" has proved increasingly alluring as construction projects abound.
Apr 12, 2006   Washington City Paper
Washington, D.C., northern Virginia, and suburban Maryland compete for everything else -- why not transit dollars? Will transit funding for the Virginia airport leave Maryland behind?
Apr 11, 2006   The Washington Post
A Washington, D.C. non-profit provides potential homebuyers with invaluable preparation, from financing to interior design.
Apr 1, 2006   Washington City Paper
Reporting to work at four in the morning is a pleasure for Larry Taylor, whose story reflects the history of the city through which he drives.
Mar 27, 2006   International Herald Tribune
How should the D.C. area handle its explosive growth? Columnist Steven Pearlstein has some ideas.
Mar 21, 2006   The Washington Post