October 8, 2002, 5am PDT
An interview with Rep. James Oberstar (D-Minnesota), the ranking Democrat on the Congressional Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, discussing the agenda for the re-authrorization of TEA 21.
The Metro Investment Report
October 7, 2002, 1pm PDT
Projected costs to construct two light-rail lines in Los Angeles have increased by a combined $288 million.
The Los Angeles Times
October 7, 2002, 12am PDT
When it comes to civic gathering places, bigger and newer aren’t always better. A look at L.A.’s disconnected cathedrals, concert halls, museums and malls.
Jack Skelley
October 4, 2002, 9am PDT
After more than a decade of bitterprotests, one of the last untouched pieces of developable land in Southern California may finally be approved.
The San Francisco Chronicle
October 4, 2002, 7am PDT
The Automobile Club of Southern California warned today that California is facing a traffic congestion crisis that will have "enormous and unacceptable impacts on its economy and quality of life," if not addressed with comprehensive planning at all levels
Automobile Club Of Southern California
October 4, 2002, 4am PDT
The Los Angeles Times slams Proposition 51 as an attempt to secretly sell land conservation programs.
The Los Angeles Times
October 2, 2002, 7am PDT
California has long had a north-south split, but local land use politicssuggests more of an east-west divide.
California Planning and Development Report
September 30, 2002, 2pm PDT
What started as a local revolt against car traffic in the San Francisco Bay has turned into a national -- and international -- trend.
ABC News
September 30, 2002, 1pm PDT
L.A.'s transit agency resurrects a controversial plan to run a rail line down the city's main commercial corridor.
The Los Angeles Times
September 29, 2002, 9am PDT
Southern California cities in need of water and farmers in position of power are negotiating a water transfer deal.
The New York Times
September 28, 2002, 2pm PDT
San Diego envisions a major shift in planning policy in its "City of Villages" plan.
The San Diego Union-Tribune
September 28, 2002, 12pm PDT
Most Americans want to live in sunny, bug-free, beautiful California, says a new survey. This year, California beats Florida.
The Christian Science Monitor
September 27, 2002, 11am PDT
In Pasadena, CA, owners of the defunct Ambassador College campus re-envision redevelopment plans for the site, including transit oriented development.
The Planning Report
September 26, 2002, 10am PDT
A bill that takes a small step toward better "state planning" in Californiaawaits a decision by Governor Gray Davis.
California Planning and Development Report
September 26, 2002, 5am PDT
Southern California's TreePeople leads the charge for using trees as water management tools.
The Planning Report
September 25, 2002, 1pm PDT
California's Salton Sea is threatened by a plan to diver water to western cities.
National Geographic
September 25, 2002, 12pm PDT
Have 27 miles of prime Malibu coastland in California become simply "garage doors of the rich and famous?"
The Christian Science Monitor
September 24, 2002, 1pm PDT
Eight Madera County, CA farmers have drawn a line in the soil by creating special type of urban growth boundary that could become a nationwide model.
U.S. Newswire
September 24, 2002, 12pm PDT
San Diego County is planning on using a single "smart-card" system for buses, trolley, and commuter rail.
The San Diego Union-Tribune
September 23, 2002, 6am PDT
Although it has often been accused of hogging water by its neighbors, Southern California is leading the way in conservation and reservoir storage.
The Los Angeles Times