The innovative revenue stream known as California's cap-and-trade program is ready to take action by funding affordable housing projects.
21 hours ago   LA.Streetsblog
<p><em>Los Angeles City Beat</em> talks with traffic expert Martin Wachs about congestion pricing and L.A.'s traffic problems.</p>
Jan 4, 2008   Los Angeles City Beat
<p>Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters examines both state and Census Bureau growth figures for California, concluding that the significant difference is less important than what the huge growth means for the future of the nation's most populous state.</p>
Jan 4, 2008   The Sacramento Bee
<p>San Francisco's latest and perhaps most glorious restoration is the 1890 De Young Building that was the original home of The Chronicle has now been converted to a Ritz Carlton after having been an undignified office building for the last 43 years.</p>
Dec 31, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>In 2008, $10 tolls will be awaiting some Inland Empire commuters to Orange County who use the 91 Express Lanes of the Riverside Freeway, depending upon what day and time they travel home.</p>
Dec 31, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>California Attorney General (and former governor) Jerry Brown may be to global warming what former NY Attorney General (now Governor) Elliot Spitzer was to corporate reform, as his widely watched lawsuits, and threats of lawsuits, have gained fame.</p>
Dec 29, 2007   ASSOCIATED PRESS via San Diego Union-Tribune
<p>Preserving industrial land in Downtown L.A. is the focus of a broad city report to be released in January. The city recommends classifying specific areas into four land use categories to guide development in the area increasingly sought by investors.</p>
Dec 29, 2007   L.A. Downtown News
<p>The sudden end to a hot housing market and planners' response to climate change were the top land use stories of 2007, according to California Planning &amp; Development Report.</p>
Dec 28, 2007   California Planning & Development Report
<p>This editorial from the <em>Orange County Register</em> bemoans the urban renewal process proposed in a new specific plan for the city of Santa Ana that some say will gentrify the city's downtown and eliminate many industrial jobs.</p>
Dec 28, 2007   Orange County Register
<p>California's population is not only immense, it's incredibly diverse. Building the infrastructure to serve the state's current residents has proven a difficult task -- one that won't get any easier.</p>
Dec 27, 2007   The Planning Report
<p>Far more residents left the Golden State than arrived from other states, but births and foreign in-migration kept the state growing to 37,771,431 residents, with 3/4 of total population increase resulting from births alone.</p>
Dec 26, 2007   The Los Angeles Times