The easy part for politicians at both the city and the county of Los Angeles is over. Funding their plans to improve services for the homeless will be the hard part.
2 days ago   Los Angeles Times
Ex-assemblyman Bill Maze is backing a plan to divide California in two, separating conservative Central California from the liberal coast. This is the 27th attempt on record to divide the state.
Feb 27, 2009   The Sacramento Bee
John King of the San Francisco Chronicle trumpets the work of Bridge Housing in increasing the availability of quality affordable housing in the Bay Area. But is it enough? New studies say affordable housing is an uphill battle.
Feb 26, 2009   San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco's Market Street is heavily used by buses, cars, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. Officials are studying the potential effect of restricting cars either partially or completely, to make it "great once again."
Feb 25, 2009   The San Francisco Chronicle
California's Central Valley is one of the top agricultural sites in the world, but with low rainfall and cut-off irrigation supplies, farming towns and their citizens may face at least one tough year ahead.
Feb 25, 2009   The New York Times
A new study of Los Angeles Business Improvement Districts shows that private security provided by BIDs has reduced crime in these areas more than in the rest of the city.
Feb 23, 2009   Los Angeles Times
In an effort to get a more precise look at the city and its distinct neighborhoods, the <em>Los Angeles Times</em> is starting a collaborative mapping project to set clear and adaptable boundaries for L.A.'s neighborhoods.
Feb 22, 2009   Los Angeles Times
In 2006, the Los Angeles Planning Dept. launched an urban design studio to turn Los Angeles into a more pedestrian-friendly city. The studio has gone on to create a set of walkability guidelines, and has more ambitious goals ahead.
Feb 21, 2009   The Architect's Newspaper
In Rohnert Park, CA, developers are turning a former industrial site into a green community that is almost completely energy independent. But can a project like this fit into an auto-oriented suburb?
Feb 20, 2009   WorldChanging
At 3 AM, Feb. 19, the state Senate secured its third Republican vote necessary to pass a budget and fill the $42 billion budget deficit. This article looks at one of many environmental rollbacks demanded by Republicans.
Feb 20, 2009   Los Angeles Times
Drops in tourism and luxury car sales are among the reasons why the ritziest cities in Southern California are not impervious to the recession.
Feb 19, 2009   Los Angeles Times