Parking guru Donald Shoup discusses how the city of Los Angeles can fix its roughly 4,300 miles of sidewalk that require some degree of repair, for free.
21 hours ago   Los Angeles Times
<p>San Francisco is experiencing a resurgence of high-tech businesses and wealth similar to what was seen during the dotcom boom. But this time around, the city's recovery from the bust of the dotcom era has a much different character.</p>
Jul 13, 2007   The Economist
<p>The city could lead the nation in eco-conscious building regulations if officials adopt new proposed standards.</p>
Jul 12, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Developers and businesses opposed to the city's smart growth-friendly parking limits are fighting back with a proposed ballot measure to reinstate minimum parking requirements.</p>
Jul 11, 2007   San Francsico Bay Guardian
<p>With the population expected to surge to 60 million by 2050, most agree that the region needs major investment, though the sources of funding remain unclear.</p>
Jul 11, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>Study predicts that by 2050 California's population will grow by 75%. Experts weigh in on what this means to planning for the state's growth.</p>
Jul 10, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>The town of Bridgeville, California, is for sale for the third time on the online auction site.</p>
Jul 8, 2007   Forbes
<p>Will new high-rise buildings ruin the city's landscape?</p>
Jul 7, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Generating energy from renewable sources such as wind and water often requires stringing new transmission lines to remote areas, a prospect that concerns some environmentalists.</p>
Jul 6, 2007   California Planning & Development Report
<p>Ed Uhlir details the development and maintenance of one of America's most successful urban parks.</p>
Jul 5, 2007   The Planning Report
<p>A recent survey has revealed that more than 40% of the tourists planning to visit San Francisco this year will use public transit as their main mode of transportation -- a figure that outpaces the ridership of the city's residents.</p>
Jul 4, 2007   The Examiner