Emily Alpert Reyes reports that Los Angeles has overturned a long-standing requirement for its skyscrapers to have flat roofs to accommodate the fire department's helicopters in the event of an emergency.
16 hours ago   Los Angeles Times
<p>A ruling in California is expected to greatly reduce the amount of water the state can pump from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta -- a water source for nearly half the state's residents and much of its farmland.</p>
Sep 7, 2007   The Sacramento Bee
<p>Despite estimates that the state of California's population will grow to 60 million by 2050, Wendell Cox argues that growth in the state is slowing.</p>
Sep 6, 2007   Orange County Register
<p>Small city public officials in the Sacramento area are using public money to support a bid to turn an unincorporated plot of land into a new city -- a move they hope will help to distribute regional planning power more equitably to smaller towns.</p>
Sep 5, 2007   The Sacramento Bee
<p>City planners -- hoping to get reluctant Angelenos out of their cars -- have put forth a proposal that would waive all parking requirements for developers whose buildings offered suitable transportation alternatives.</p>
Sep 4, 2007   LA Weekly
<p>Same cuts of transportation spending, different voter-approved initiative. State Senator Alan Lowenthal surveys California's transportation challenges amid a budget impasse and questions about bridge safety.</p>
Sep 4, 2007   The Planning Report
<p>Street vendors in Berkeley are voicing complaints that a new rapid bus line is passing by too quickly, stirring up dust along the sidewalk that covers them and their merchandise.</p>
Sep 3, 2007   The Oakland Tribune
<p>Facing one of the driest years in recent history, the city of Los Angeles is feeling the pinch of the drought. Officials have suggested reconsidering a once-proposed and once-disapproved plan to recycle wastewater back into the groundwater.</p>
Aug 30, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>Complaints over parking have led the city of Martinez, California, to realize an affordable housing complex built for seniors has been renting at market rates for years.</p>
Aug 30, 2007   The Contra Costa Times
<p>Despite scientific findings that trees along levees help improve their effectiveness, federal regulations may require that trees lining levees in Central California be removed.</p>
Aug 30, 2007   The Sacramento Bee
<p>Public transit ridership saw little or no change in the San Francisco Bay Area earlier this week when transit agencies offered free rides as part of a "Spare the Air" campaign.</p>
Aug 30, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle