Urban Development

Los Angeles home prices have long since skyrocketed above median income. A report by the Legislative Analyst's Office shows how difficult it would be to build L.A. out of its predicament.
13 hours ago   Curbed LA
Chuck Wolfe suggests five "Burnhamisms" for getting communities inspired and engaged with urban planning, including using social media and video to communicate your message.
Mar 7, 2011   myurbanist
Writing for <em>The Architect's Newspaper</em>, Sam Lubell argues that current L.A. zoning regulations require architects and developers to endure a "ridiculous, disjointed, outdated process."
Mar 4, 2011   The Achitect's Newspaper
Gold mining was an integral part of what made the city of Johannesburg, South Africa one of the most economically important cities on the continent. But as mining winds down, some are trying to find new ways to use the landscape of mining operations.
Mar 4, 2011   Places
Colleen O'Connor, a writer for <em>The Denver Post</em>, uses the case of Colorado to demonstrate what she sees as an inadequate supply of affordable housing across the country.
Mar 3, 2011   The Denver Post
A landscape urbanism biennale in an unlikely suburb of Tel Aviv offers its working class citizens a look how their city can change for the better.
Mar 2, 2011   The Architect's Newspaper
Canada's suburbs don't have to be a problem, according to architect Drew Adams, who proposes a plan to densify them by developing unused space.
Mar 2, 2011   The Toronto Star
Qatar is building cities from scratch ahead of its hosting duties for the 2022 World Cup. One city to be located near the tournament's final match will house 200,000.
Mar 2, 2011   Bloomberg
Angie Schmitt explains why the debate over removing Washington DC's famous height regulations depends on the city's transportation plans.
Mar 1, 2011   Streets Blog Network
NYC is asking private investment banks to submit ideas on how to privatize city assets.
Mar 1, 2011   Streets Blog
Angela Starita reports on the growing popularity of "haute food courts" -- high-end food markets -- and what they mean for cities.
Feb 28, 2011   The Architect's Newspaper