United Kingdom

Supporters and practitioners of the playable city movement will gather this week at a conference in Bristol, UK called Making the City Playable.
Sep 10, 2014   Guardian Cities
Environmentalists in England are charging local and central government officials with bending their own rules to allow various developments in scenic, rural areas and environmentally-sensitive lands.
Aug 31, 2006   The Guardian
Leading British scientists are warning the country that forecasted high tides could flood many low-lying areas. They caution that the coming devastation could have been prevented by better floodplain planning and more environmental considerations.
Aug 26, 2006   BBC
Urban areas will be hit harder by climate change as global warming combines with the "urban heat island" effect.
Aug 26, 2006   BBC
Senior researchers at the Centre for Cities discuss whether the UK should look towards Europe or the US when making urban policy.
Aug 23, 2006   BBC News
A new article offers details on The National Trust in Great Britain, one of the most successful land trusts on the planet.
Aug 21, 2006   Principal Broker Online
This <em>Times of London</em> opinion piece calls for planners and architects with a true vision to get back in control of city planning. The author argues that "it is the developers who produce the master plans, and the city that responds to them."
Aug 17, 2006   Times of London
A promising new field of clean, alternative energy lies in the oceans and rivers. Capturing energy from waves and tides is no longer fantasy but gaining much attention; even power companies are investing in the field.
Aug 12, 2006   The New York Times
Government policies have led to over three quarters of new homes in Britain being built on recycled land.
Aug 9, 2006   The Guardian Unlimited
The UK's National Archives publishes one of country's earliest surviving public records, the Domesday Book -- a land and property census from 1085 -- online with translations.
Aug 8, 2006   The National Archives
A recent survey in Britain discovers that suburban dwellers are happy with their lot, countering the view that UK residents take a negative view of life in the suburbs.
Aug 4, 2006   The Times (London)