United Kingdom

A new report by the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program analyzes the growth of the world's 300 largest metropolitan areas.
5 days ago   Brookings
<p>Broad changes to Scotland's planning systems were recently approved. A proposal to give communities a third party right of appeal did not pass, leaving many residents concerned that they will have little say in the planning and development of their communities.</p>
Nov 20, 2006   The Scotsman
<p>A proposal has been made to increase the charge levied on highly polluting cars traveling into London's central congestion zone. The 8-pound fee could rise to 25 pounds for some drivers.</p>
Nov 17, 2006   Planet Ark
<p>With more than 1.6 million Britons living in high-risk flood areas -- a number expected to double or even triple within 75 years -- lawmakers and environmentalists are looking for safer ways to house people on floodplains.</p>
Nov 14, 2006   Times of London
<p>While still dogged by its tawdry and crime-ridden reputation, London's East Side is booming with nightlife and vibrant neighborhoods. More big redevelopment plans underway as the city begins to prepare for the 2012 Olympics.</p>
Nov 5, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>Responding to a report by British economist Nicholas Stern, a recent article in the Guardian outlines a 10 point plan for taking action on climate change without "bringing civilization crashing down."</p>
Nov 2, 2006   The Guardian
<p>Faced with low unemployment rates and worker shortages in certain high-skill sectors, Irish companies are increasingly looking to other countries - especially the U.S. - for employees.</p>
Nov 2, 2006   The Wall Street Journal
<p>A new poll of Londoners shows the majority backing a proposal to grant the city's mayor increased power to intervene in the planning process.</p>
Oct 31, 2006   Ealing Times
<p>An academic in Scotland is looking to add the post-war New Town of East Kilbride to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, an illustrious list of culturally important sites from all over the world.</p>
Oct 24, 2006   The Herald
<p>As one of Europe's fastest growing regions, the burgeoning City of Inverness is grappling with its growth issues by contemplating the benefits of New Urbanism.</p>
Oct 10, 2006   The Times
In a trend being seen all over the world, planners are looking to the waterfront in Plymouth, England, for redevelopment as a site worthy of international acclaim.
Oct 6, 2006   BBC