United Kingdom

An op-ed in The Globe and Mail expresses animosity for the wave of skyscraper construction in old world cities like London.
Sep 26, 2015   The Globe and Mail
A personal rapid transit (PRT) system is currently under construction as part of the renovation of London's Heathrow airport. The system is on track to begin operations within two years.
Dec 19, 2007   BBC
<p>Temporarily pedestrianized streets in London brought nearly a million people out for a day of walking and shopping recently, resulting in more than $200 million worth of sales.</p>
Dec 11, 2007   The Evening Standard
<p>The voiceover artist famous for reminding passengers to 'mind the gap' on the London Underground was fired after posting a series of subway announcement spoofs on her website.</p>
Dec 7, 2007   Jaunted
<p>GPS devices in Britain looking for the best routes possible are directing truck drivers through tiny towns without the proper road space and infrastructure to handle their loads. Some towns are thinking about requesting removal from the map.</p>
Dec 6, 2007   The New York Times
<p>Plans to build a supermarket in a small English town have put locals on the defensive, arguing the market will destroy the area's character. Company officials say the market will revive the town.</p>
Nov 25, 2007   BBC
<p>Cars will be banned from many of London's central city streets as part of a plan by Mayor Ken Livingstone to improve the city's pedestrian friendliness. Many critics say the roads chosen for the ban are too crucial to lose.</p>
Nov 16, 2007   The Times
<p>A planning expert in Wales is warning that many cities are endanger of pushing families out to the suburbs by focusing solely on high-density development.</p>
Nov 14, 2007   BBC News
<p>The government in the UK has announced plans to create "healthy towns" that encourage exercise through urban design. Is this idea going too far to control peoples' activity?</p>
Nov 7, 2007   Spiked
<p>Government officials in Britain are calling on planners and designers to put more emphasis on re-visioning cemeteries as public parks.</p>
Nov 4, 2007   The Globe & Mail
<p>Development along the riverside in Glasgow, Scotland, is being described as "rape" by two of the country's leading architects. They blame the city's planning policies for encouraging the destruction.</p>
Nov 3, 2007   The Scotsman