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In his latest essay on interpretation of the urban environment, Chuck Wolfe suggests that if we take away context clues cities become matrices -- with blank cells to complete -- where each of us personalizes how space meets time.
Yesterday   The Huffington Post
<p>The British government has approved rules that lay the foundation for pay-as-you-go road pricing pilot programs. Critics worry the rules preface national control over the controversial systems.</p>
May 27, 2007   The Guardian
<p>Locals in two British villages have rallied together to save a 160-year old train station, which is faces demolition as an unused rail line is converted to the country's longest bus guideway.</p>
May 25, 2007   BBC
<p>Officials in England propose a massive reorganization of the country's planning system, including the creation of an independent commission that would be charged with approving major infrastructure projects.</p>
May 25, 2007   The Guardian
<p>Government officials in the UK have reveled a plan to sell off underutilized public buildings directly to communities for below-market prices, as low as one pound. They hope the sales will improve public services across the country.</p>
May 15, 2007   BBC
<p>The man many expect to become the new English Prime Minister has proposed a plan to create 100,000 houses in five carbon-neutral "eco-towns" to help fight back against the country's housing crunch in a sustainable way.</p>
May 15, 2007   BBC
<p>A virtual 3D model of parts of Glasgow, Scotland, has been completed and is now available for viewing online. Organizers of the detailed modeling effort anticipate it being a powerful tool for planners and the public.</p>
May 14, 2007   BBC
<p>The supply of housing is being overpowered by demand in England, and government officials are hoping to establish measures that would ease the process of building new homes and increase the amount of affordable housing.</p>
May 11, 2007   The Guardian
<p>Having successfully reduced congestion through enacting congestion pricing in central London, Mayor Livingstone now plans to take the same approach to air pollution by designating greater London to be a Low Emission Zone.</p>
May 9, 2007   The Guardian
<p>Citing the popularity and success of closed-circuit television cameras that have been installed in many public places for crime-fighting purposes, politicians in the UK are considering attaching microphones and even loudspeakers to these cameras.</p>
May 1, 2007   BBC
<p>Politicians in Scotland are trying to gather support for a plan to build a high-speed magnetic levitation train between the country's two biggest cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh. But opponents worry the proposal would hinder other rail development.</p>
May 1, 2007   BBC