United Kingdom

If a Seattle company gets its way, in a few years there will be 100 floating wind turbines about 15 miles off San Luis Obispo County on the central California coast, generating about 1 gigawatt of electricity.
Nov 14, 2015   San Jose Mercury News
<p>A charity in Britain wants to replicate the success of London's heavily used Speaker's Corner in other parts of the country to encourage public interaction and discussion. Some say it's an idea that could never be.</p>
Jun 12, 2008   The Christian Science Monitor
<p>London's underground subway system recently banned the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and to celebrate the last night of drunken train commuting, Londoners converged on trains to get hammered. They also got rowdy, assaulted and arrested.</p>
Jun 6, 2008   BBC
<p>Plans for the construction of "eco-towns" in the UK have sparked protests from groups who argue that they will be too spread out and will encourage sprawl.</p>
May 23, 2008   Telegraph
<p>A campaign is underway in Wales to revive the "Garden City" concept, first brought to life in 1898. This time, supporters are claiming the radial, suburban plan is a sustainable alternative to cities.</p>
May 22, 2008   Western Mail, Wales
<p>Pubilc art should be guided by public input, according to this commentary.</p>
May 13, 2008   The Guardian
<p>A recent survey of the planning profession in the United Kingdom has found that there likely won't be enough young planners to replaces the aging planners approaching retirement.</p>
May 7, 2008   The Architects' Journal
<p>In this interview from last year, the now newly-elected mayor of London, Boris Johnson, talks about the importance of biking in the city, improving public transportation, and abolishing the city's congestion pricing system.</p>
May 6, 2008   Streetsblog
<p>Officials in the United Kingdom are looking at a new technique to deal with frozen winter roads -- by collecting and saving summer heat.</p>
Apr 27, 2008   The Guardian
<p>England's plans to build 3 million new homes by 2020, and much emphasis has been placed on making them environmentally friendly. The push for "eco-town" draw a strong parallel to the "Garden Cities" of the past.</p>
Apr 12, 2008   The Times
<p>London Mayor Ken Livingstone wants to increase the central city's congestion charge from $16 a day to $50. Drivers in the city are not too happy about it.</p>
Apr 11, 2008   The Los Angeles Times