United Kingdom

London's mayor has proposed a solution to tackle the city's congestion and an expected population increase of 20 percent by 2030: build a system of tunnels to alleviate automobile traffic.
5 days ago   The Guardian
Floodplain development has proven time and time again to be big trouble when heavy rains come. But in Britain, that's not stopping it.
Sep 13, 2008   Guardian
The "Transition Towns" movement -- a grassroots initiative to develop local energy and economic self-reliance -- is gathering momentum, especially in the UK.
Sep 11, 2008   Guardian (UK)
Architect Richard Murphy's masterplan for Edinburgh's Haymarket is facing complaints about the height of the hotel. Murphy says, 'Our hotel will breach the skyline, and a jolly good thing too.'
Sep 6, 2008   bd
The director of the Design Museum in London reflects on the mostly unfortunate quest for perfection in city planning and architecture, as the museum's new exhibit, <em>Design Cities,</em> opens.
Sep 3, 2008   The Times Online
A new study shows that city planners aren't following the guidelines established in last year's Gender Equality Duty, which requires planners to consider the different ways that women use public space.
Sep 2, 2008   University of Cambridge
Calling it a violation of public spaces, a new report from a civil liberties group in the UK has criticized the banning of public drinking in more than 600 places in England and Wales.
Aug 21, 2008   Telegraph
With the price of food climbing, some families in the U.K. are taking to keeping small Dexter cows.
Aug 19, 2008   The Sunday Times
Allan Murray's architectural vision is habing a signficant influence on the future of development in Edinburgh. This column from <em>The Times</em> wonders if putting the future of a city in one man's hands is such a good idea.
Aug 15, 2008   The Times
Commuters on Ireland's N11 expressway were surprised to find that the cause of a massive traffic jam was a monkey on the loose.
Aug 8, 2008   The Irish Times
<p>Malcolm Buchanan writes that advances in control technology and the upcoming launch of the Heathrow Airport PRT mean that Personal Rapid Transit is ready for the spotlight.</p>
Jul 25, 2008   Citymayors.com