October 17, 2007, 6am PDT
<p>Plans to roll out a nationwide road-pricing system in the UK may be dropped.</p>
The Guardian
October 17, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>At a time when funding is a major concern, a congressional hearing later this month will look at the transportation needs of Chicago as it tries to win hosting duties for the 2016 Olympics.</p>
The Chicago Tribune
October 16, 2007, 8am PDT
<p>Transportation planners say two routes are needed for the long-planned high-speed rail link between Southern and Northern California.</p>
The San Francisco Chronicle
Blog post
October 16, 2007, 5am PDT

Technology creates new challenges and opportunities, and this came home to me a couple of weeks ago when I was previewing a rough cut of Gridlock: Hell on Wheels, a video on traffic congestion released by Reason Foundation today. In the video, Comedian Drew Carey makes the following off-the-cuff comment on a morning drive-time radio show: “I would love to own a freeway in LA.”

Samuel Staley
October 15, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>Bold plans are taking shape as construction begins on an 8-mile bike and pedestrian path in Indianapolis -- a project intended to encourage not just walking and biking, but also economic development.</p>
October 15, 2007, 8am PDT
<p>Portland, Oregon, looks to follow the lead of Paris in instituting a bike rental system throughout the city. Bids are requested for a pilot fleet of 500 bikes.</p>
The Portland Tribune
October 15, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>Israel is planning to construct a so-called "Palestinian Highway", which critics believe will be used to fragment Palestinian territory.</p>
The Globe & Mail
October 14, 2007, 1pm PDT
<p>With the housing market faltering, developers are eyeing an emerging and lucrative market: luxurious garages for expensive cars.</p>
The Los Angeles Times
October 14, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>This report from <em>NPR</em> looks at the results of a report on the commuting habits and trends of American drivers.</p>
October 13, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>A group opposed to plans to create a congestion pricing system in New York have released a report outlining measures that could be taken to achieve the same level of traffic reduction without a congestion charge.</p>
The New York Times
October 13, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>States across the country -- including Georgia, Tennessee, and California -- are pushing plans to divert truck traffic from their increasingly crowded highways.</p>
USA Today
October 12, 2007, 2pm PDT
<p>This video from <em>Do The Green Thing</em> tells the tale of Gusty and Ford -- a street-sign love story that only came to be because of a fortuitous decision one day to walk instead of drive.</p>
Do The Green Thing
October 12, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>A derelict train depot in London has been given a 21st-century makeover in preparation for its opening as the terminal for high-speed trains traveling in between the English capital and other European cities such as Paris and Brussels.</p>
International Herald Tribune
October 11, 2007, 9am PDT
<p>The Reason Foundation's Sam Staley offers ideas for improving the way roads work, placing emphasis on improved tolling and mapping.</p>
October 11, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>This blog post from <em>Grist</em> looks at the often unjustifiable fear associated with biking. Author Alan Durning discusses injury rates and offers advice on how cyclists can pedal their way through cities without being killed.</p>
October 10, 2007, 9am PDT
<p>In suburban Minnesota, the number of people getting up early for pre-dawn commutes to the city is on the rise, and it's changing the way businesses operate and how towns handle the demand on their roads.</p>
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune
October 9, 2007, 2pm PDT
<p>A new public transit system in Santiago, Chile, is struggling to operate as planned, stretching commutes and stranding many riders after unexpected route changes. The system's inefficiency has prompted an investigation and apology from the president.</p>
October 9, 2007, 1pm PDT
<p>New York City has been honored by the League of American Bicyclists for its citywide improvements in bike lanes, parking, and safety.</p>
Associated Press via The Hartford Courant
October 9, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>Officials in suburban New York towns are putting more effort into luring developers to build housing near their transit stations -- a revitalization method that has shown success around the country.</p>
The New York Times
October 9, 2007, 10am PDT
<p>Pressure is building to come to a decision about whether or not to toll roads in Massachusetts. But many politicians are opposed.</p>
The Boston Globe