It's still not bike-friendly, but it's getting better. The Capitol Limited from Chicago to Washington joins a small list of routes allowing for "roll-on, roll-off," though reservations and a $25 fee may apply.
3 hours ago   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
According to Joe Peach of <em>This Big City</em>, London public transit finally got something right with its cycle hire scheme, now known as "Boris Bikes."
Apr 7, 2011   This Big City
Jarrett Walker of Human Transit writes that car-pool rules need to be updated to effectively deal with congestion on the country's highways.
Apr 7, 2011   Human Transit
The concept of "traffic calming," in which urban streets are altered in order to make them feel slower for drivers is discussed in this video from Street Films.
Apr 7, 2011
Under House Resolution 995, six cities would be selected as test pilots for advanced ITS technology. Rep. Russ Carnahan, who introduced the bill, says the technologies exist today, they just need to be integrated and deployed.
Apr 6, 2011   Wired
Transportation is destiny, and cities must adapt. Demography: ditto. Bill Barnes finds digs into a pile of "big think" planning books and pulls out a number of lessons for the future.
Apr 6, 2011   Nation's Cities Weekly
As a part of its "Communities in Crisis" feature, the Huffington Post looks at how budget cuts are eroding Milwaukee County's public transit service, to the detriment of transit-dependent employees -- and its economy.
Apr 6, 2011   Huffington Post
An executive of Majestic Realty, one of the developers bidding to construct an NFL stadium in Los Angeles, cited sprawl in the City of Industry as an advantage over AEG's proposal to build a stadium in downtown LA.
Apr 5, 2011   LA Streets Blog
An article posted on DC Streets Blog claims to explain the relationship between ad dollars from the automotive industry and the media's "bike backlash."
Apr 4, 2011   DC Streets Blog
A study that asked regular drivers in Boston and San Francisco to go car-free found that access to real-time mobile information was key to raising the status of public transit for study participants.
Apr 4, 2011   Next American City
Streetsfilms pays a visit to Guangzhou, China, one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Guangzhou's bus rapid transit system opened in February of last year, and now carries 800,000 passengers a day.
Apr 4, 2011