November 15, 2007, 12pm PST
<p>How computer-aided design (CAD) changed manufacturing, architecture and engineering.</p>
November 14, 2007, 2pm PST
<p>Road designers in Japan have created a system of specialized grooves on highway pavement that produce melodies when cars drive over them at certain speeds.</p>
The Guardian
November 13, 2007, 8am PST
<p>City officials in Tucson, Arizona, have called off plans to implement a citywide Wi-Fi system, opting instead to build access points only in those parts of the well-connected city where rates of access to the internet are low.</p>
Arizona Daily Star
Blog post
November 12, 2007, 5pm PST

XO-1 computerHere at Planetizen and Urban Insight, many of our efforts to serve the planning community take place on Windows and Mac computers that would, much like your own computers at your home and office (or even your sparkly new iPhone), dwarf even the most powerful machines of a generation ago. We use these computers to build websites, create maps, share data, explore 3D environments, design, organize databases, and lots of other tasks that can bring new worlds to life without shoveling an ounce of dirt.

Chris Steins
November 12, 2007, 9am PST
<p>MIT researchers are developing a car folds and stacks. It does not have gears, engine, or a transmission. And eight cars can be parked in one typical parking space.</p>
Network World
November 10, 2007, 1pm PST
<p>Toll booths should be eliminated from the country's toll roads, according to Robert Poole.</p>
The Wall Street Journal
November 8, 2007, 9am PST
<p>Advances in reverse osmosis membrane technology are convincing more and more cities to invest in cleaning their own used water instead of piping it in from far-off reservoirs.</p>
VerdeXchange News
November 2, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>A new online visual mapping tool enables users to virtually tour places from a pedestrian's perspective online.</p>
Technology Review
October 28, 2007, 1pm PDT
<p>Joining the ranks of other major American cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Houston, St. Louis has lost its bid to build a citywide wi-fi network. AT&amp;T cites high costs as it pulls out.</p>
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
October 21, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>Government officials in Rwanda are looking to the high-tech sector as a way to bring the country into economic viability. Rwanda is wiring up in hopes of becoming Africa's tech center.</p>
The Christian Science Monitor
October 18, 2007, 10am PDT
<p>U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters came to San Francisco to praise their proposed multi-pronged congestion pricing programs and other technologies that are designed to reduce traffic congestion increase transit usage.</p>
The San Francisco Chronicle
October 12, 2007, 6am PDT
<p>In this short video, <em>Wired</em>'s Adam Rogers talks with Cameron Sinclair of the Open Architecture Network.</p>
Wired Science
October 11, 2007, 9am PDT
<p>The Reason Foundation's Sam Staley offers ideas for improving the way roads work, placing emphasis on improved tolling and mapping.</p>
October 9, 2007, 6am PDT
<p>One Northern California man started a business to help his local transit agency get connected with Google Transit.</p>
Eureka Reporter
October 9, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>A San Diego-based company is marketing solarized parking lots and solar trees as a way to provide shade and generate electricity.</p>
October 8, 2007, 12pm PDT
<p>Online maps showing everything from city streets to gas lines and fire hydrants are increasingly available. Government officials have limited the availability of infrastructure maps due to their possible use by terrorists.</p>
October 8, 2007, 9am PDT
<p>The new program allows motorist to add time to their parking meter by dialing a toll free number.</p>
Chicago Sun Times
October 5, 2007, 6am PDT
<p>New York city has unveiled a pilot program that helps bus riders know when their bus is coming by employing GPS tracking devices and digital signs at some Manhattan bus stops.</p>
The New York Times
October 5, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>This article from <em>The Idaho Observer</em> discusses the negative health impacts of radiation for cell phone towers -- negative impacts also associated with the municipal Wi-Fi networks proposed or already built in cities across the country.</p>
The Idaho Observer
October 2, 2007, 1pm PDT
<p>Looking to London as an example, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has plans to expand the city's closed-circuit video surveillance camera system.</p>