National Infrastructure Bank

Hillary Clinton recently proposed the creation of a national infrastructure bank—an idea also put forward several times by the Obama Administration. Posts by Vox and City Observatory put the idea under a microscope.
Dec 17, 2015   City Observatory
It's certainly not a new idea - what's new is the current bipartisan Senate bill, cutely abbreviated as the BRIDGE Act, seeded with $10 billion of federal funds that would attract funds from the private sector to be loaned to worthy projects.
Nov 17, 2013   The Hill's Transportation and Infrastructure Blog
Today, President Obama is expected to flesh out the details of his plan to repair the nation’s ailing infrastructure. John Schwartz details the initiatives, which aim to circumvent Congress and capitalize on private investment.
Feb 20, 2013   The New York Times
A handful of Washington insiders argue that while Obama is calling for the creation of a national infrastructure bank, there is already such an entity in existence and ready to assume the role.
Oct 2, 2011   The Washington Post
Obama supports Boxer's 2-year transportation reauthorization bill over Mica's 6-year bill. However, both bills greatly increase funding for the Transportation Infrastructure and Innovative Finance Act.
Aug 25, 2011   The Wall Street Journal
Last week, a bill was submitted to Congress to create an entity to "facilitate efficient investments and financing of infrastructure projects." Robert Puentes of the Brookings Institution explains how he thinks a natl. infrastructure bank could work.
Mar 25, 2011   Miller-McCune
The idea of creating a national infrastructure bank is gathering support amongst politicians and officials at the federal level. But what is it?
Dec 12, 2010   Transportation Nation
<em>The Infrastructurist</em> talks with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell -- "a friend of infrastructure" -- about the proposed National Infrastructure Bank.
Dec 10, 2009   The Infrastructurist
<p>This commentary from <em>Reason</em> looks at the prospect of a national infrastructure bank and argues that much more needs to be done.</p>
Aug 6, 2008   Reason