Drought Killing Your Lawn? Spray Paint It

Suburbanites facing fines from municipalities or trying to impress their neighbors have an alternative to keep their lawns shining while still saving water—spray paint.

California's drought is no news. Three months ago, the U.S. Drought Monitor updated the condition to "exceptional" drought, after two years of little rainfall and depleted reservoir levels. However, throughout the state the urgency of water conservation is not being heard, indeed, Southern California's water consumption increased by 8 percent in May. Moreover, according to Jed Oelbaum of GOOD Magazine, "30 to 60 percent of urban fresh water is used for watering lawns (depending on the city)."

In a time where a household can be fined $500 for watering their lawn, or $500 for not watering their lawn, spray painting one's lawn seems like the only sane and viable solution. The method works by painting a non-toxic coat of sparkling green onto dead, brown grass. Costing about 23-35 cents per square foot of grass, businesses say sales of lawn coating have more than doubled within the last year.

Full Story: Why Spray Painting Your Lawn is an Act of Patriotism


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