Urban Design Planner

City of Auburn
Professional Area: 
Urban Design
3-5 years
Auburn, WA
This is professional planning work in a municipal setting focusing on current and comprehensive (long-range) planning. Some positions within this classification may have an emphasis in urban design and development. Work includes, but is not limited to, undertaking SEPA and development reviews; processing zoning and subdivision applications and permits; developing land use plans, zoning regulations, and environmental regulations; researching and interpreting data; and preparing studies and reports. Work requires contact with members of other City departments, governmental agencies, land developers and their agents, the general public, nonprofit and quasigovernmental organizations, City Council, Planning Commission, and Hearing Examiner. This is distinguished from the Planner position by the level of responsibility and independence for work on major current and long-range projects and issues; and may require the ability to prepare conceptual urban designs in regards to the physical appearance of properties utilizing software, knowledge, and/or planning and architectural concepts.
*May serve as the Lead Planner for developing and implementing downtown and/or urban design projects and programs that emphasize architectural appropriateness and integration, pedestrian connections, urban gathering spaces, parking management in an urban setting, infrastructure supply and connectivity needed to support urban development, multimodal transportation connections and corridors, and urban redevelopment and revitalization.
*Reviews and coordinates the review of a wide range of urban and planning development applications for conformance with City policies and land use regulations, including zoning and subdivision codes, critical area regulations, and related standards.
*Performs SEPA reviews, including maintaining knowledge of environmental laws (i.e. SEPA and NEPA) and reviewing/writing environmental impact statements.
*Performs a wide variety of comprehensive urban and planning activities; gathers and analyzes data, make recommendations, and prepares reports.
*Prepares ordinances and revisions to ordinances related to land use and development to implement the Comprehensive Plan.
*Assists other departments in the development of functional plans and policies, especially as they relate to land use, urban design, and community development.
*Responds to inquiries from applicants and members of the public on a variety of development-related topics.
*Plans, develops, and oversees detailed, specialized projects and programs related to planning and community development, involving frequent coordination with one or more City Departments, state, and regional agencies, and/or outside vendors and contractors. Project Management includes, but is not limited to, problem identification, research and analyzing options, presentation of recommendations, and implementation.
*Serves as departmental liaison with other departments, representatives of other governmental agencies, business groups, and the general public on a variety of projects; tasks may involve extensive communication with owners and managers of businesses, taskforce groups, and interested citizens.
*Performs a variety of duties and responsibilities involved in the development and coordination of community development programs and provides highly responsible and complex analytical support to the Community Development staff.
*Provides data, staff reports, recommendations, and graphics for the Planning Commission, Hearing Examiner, City Council, and the public; attends public meetings and makes presentations.
*Prepares clear and concise written communication including, but not limited to, reports, correspondence, illustrations, and graphic presentations which will require an ability to successfully and simply communicate urban design and architectural concepts to City Council, other staff, landowners, contractors, and other design professionals in a manner that is concrete and easy to understand.
*Operates computers requiring word processing, complex spreadsheets, and data input applications.
May oversee paraprofessional staff in the preparation of special studies, graphic material, and data preparation.
May apply for and administer Planning-related grants.
*Regular, reliable, and punctual attendance
*Due to internal and external customer service needs, the incumbent must be able to work a full-time schedule, onsite (appropriate City worksites).
*Attends meetings that may occur after normal work hours or on the weekend.
*Shows considerable initiative in performing job functions.
*Works effectively under pressure and with frequent interruptions.
*Completes work and projects in a thorough and timely manner.
*Understands and follows directions from supervisor, posted work rules, and procedures.
*Works courteously and effectively with other city departments, public officials, citizens, contractors, vendors, developers, supervisor, and other employees, both in person and over the telephone; assisting them with a wide variety of information pertaining to City and department.
*Performs related work as required.
* = Primary function. Others may be assigned on an individual position basis.
Four-year college degree in urban planning, or related field, plus four years of professional planning or planning related experience; OR Master's degree plus three years of professional planning or planning related experience. 
Possess and retain a valid Washington state driver's license without pending risk of loss at time of appointment.
AICP certification is highly desirable.
Position specifications may require an emphasis in urban design, architecture, or landscape architecture; knowledge of urban design principles; urban planning theory; and architectural concepts, techniques, and terms; and the ability to create and describe urban design and architectural concepts in a verbal, written, and graphical format.