Executive Director

Enough Pie
Professional Area: 
Community Development and Redevelopment
5-7 years
Contact person: 
Josh Martin
Charleston, SC

Creative placemaking and community art and development non-profit, Enough Pie, in Charleston, SC is seeking a truly visionary leader of civic arts and community development particularly in the realm of creative placemaking.  The right candidate must have experience in placemaking and community arts and have a successful track record in community outreach, program development, strategic planning and fundraising and urban planning and policy experience is also welcomed. 


Enough Pie is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of creative placemaking and community development on the upper peninsula of Charleston through innovative programming, project grants, and collaborative advocacy for smart, inclusive growth.

About Enough Pie:

Enough Pie officially launched January 2013, though planning, meetings, research and stakeholder cultivation was started much earlier A draft budget for 2014-15 year is in place with much of the programming already lined up for the year. 

This fiscal year marks a big shift for the organization.  It will be an important year of fundraising and strategic planning that will happen alongside already existing programs. A new Executive Director will help to usher in transformative programming and partnerships.  With some incredible opportunities on the horizon to become a true presenter and cultivator of the arts as well as an opportunity to secure a sustainable revenue source, Enough Pie will become a community arts organization with national and international reach.  We hope to leverage an artist-in-residency program to further inspire and facilitate the community art projects we do on a local level such as the Community Project Grants and the annual Awakening, Pop-up and art events.

Enough Pie’s relationship with 1600 Meeting Street creates a unique partnership in which a non-profit and an LLC can leverage both of their assets for the benefits of the community, City of Charleston, and beyond. 

About 1600 Meeting Street:

1600 Meeting is a renovation project located in Charleston’s upper peninsula, where Enough Pie’s offices are currently located.  1600 Meeting street is renovated office space set in an old industrial building now housing local creative businesses, non-profits and artist studios.  The purpose of this project was to create affordable, collaborative space for local entrepreneurs and artists to thrive.  Doors opened April 2014.

The planned build out of the current 1600 Meeting St project at the 1630 Meeting Street site includes an outdoor community amphitheater which is flexible enough to seat up to 400 for a intimate community event or expanded to hold over 1000 onsite for a larger festival or concert.  In addition, the new construction will house over 20,000 square feet of office space for local groups and this will include a gallery space in which Enough Pie can present art installations, curated in-house, by artists in residence or by community artists and art groups.  Enough Pie will also co-manage the amphitheater focusing on community performances and outreach to artists-in-residence as well as organized festivals.  An Artistic Director will also be hired to assist with this new programming as it comes online.  The Executive Director will need to maintain a good working relationship with Flyway Management as both will work in collaboration on the new build out.

Partnership with the City of Charleston:

Enough Pie has also been instrumental in working with the City of Charleston Planning and Sustainability Department about issues that affect this particular area of Charleston – the Upper Peninsula.  Enough Pie is an important partner in the Upper Peninsula Initiative, A City of Charleston initiative around sustainability, affordability, inclusivity, and of course with Enough Pie’s work – creative collaborations, art and culture.  There are many synergies between groups and this creates a significant opportunity to help shape the future of Charleston in ways that are progressive, creative and inclusive. 

The Executive Director has a true opportunity to make this organization his/her own by amplifying the existing structure to new programmatic levels, reaching more partners and creating lasting arts and community based initiatives that will truly transform an exciting area of Charleston, SC.

Crucial Skills/Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in community or economic development, non-profit management, project management, community arts, creative placemaking or related field.
  • Ability to dream big and translate those dreams into programming.
  • Confidence in fundraising and a proven track record of connecting with donors and foundations
  • Grant writing skills
  • Leadership skills – managing a staff, leading a board and connecting with the community
  • Track record in developing and managing programs and budgets

Main Duties:

  • Engage Board of Directors in programming and vision and report to Board on finances, programs, and other important information.
  • Articulate the mission and story of Enough Pie with inspiring insight
  • Build strategic relationships with community stakeholders, funders, City leaders and other partners
  • Oversee robust and growing infrastructure planning to grow Enough Pie into a non-profit with a sustainable earned income
  • Develop and implement strategic initiatives in furtherance of organizational mission