Principal Planner - Planning and Redevelopment

City of Oklahoma City
Professional Area: 
Other topics not covered above
More than 10 years
405 297-2419
Okklahoma City, OK

SALARY: $68,569.92 - $104,859.36 Annually

OPENING DATE: 06/02/14

CLOSING DATE: 07/25/14 11:59 PM

This job is located in the Planning and Redevelopment Division of Planning Department with the City of Oklahoma City and is under the general direction of a Department Head. Principal Planner is a Division Head level classification requiring the application of advanced professional and technical skill in managing a specialized planning function. The Principal Planner manages the operations of a planning division. This position will be responsible for managing the Planning and Redevelopment Division with a staff of 11 employees. The division is responsible for long-range planning and strategic planning as it relates to urban redevelopment and the implementation of the city’s comprehensive plan. The division has three specific programs; (1) Comprehensive Planning and Implementation; (2) Downtown Planning; and (3) the Commercial District Revitalization Program (CDRP).  Essential job functions include: performing various administrative functions in the management of  division operations; assessing numerous variables, both abstract and concrete, to coordinate project efforts for long-range or current planning requirements or proposals; providing staff with verbal and written management and technical instructions to promote the optimal efficiency of the work section; representing the City as a participant on or advisor to various boards, commissions, official policymaking bodies, and citizens’ groups to relate or promote the City’s position in technical or administrative areas; and managing staff responsible for reviewing complex data, studying trends, collecting information, and preparing specialized reports or documents based on in-depth research.   Employees of this classification have frequent contact with City officials and staff, citizens’ groups, and other professionals and may officially represent the Department Head in their absence. Work products are subject to review by conferences, staff reports, and observations concerning the status of projects.

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