Tea Party Taps Hippie Wisdom: How’s that working out?

A local Tea Party type is making a passionate pitch for what his group considers Constitutional guarantees against government planning, and I get this deju vu tug. I’ve been here before. I’VE BEEN THIS BEFORE.

"Parents, successful managers of businesses and non-profits, people who work to improve lives in neighborhoods and towns all know that 'Do your own thing' is a lousy mission statement. Rather than freeing us, prioritizing individual liberty over every other value deprives us of opportunities to influence the forces of disruptive change with the power of community.

"Polarizing the discussion by declaring, 'You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem,' ignores the range of trade-offs every human, every organization and every community must make every day. It’s a mandate for paralysis."

Ben Brown compares Tea Party types with Hippies, draws some interesting, self-effacing parallels, and asks what we all might learn from each other.

Full Story: Tea Party Taps Hippie Wisdom: How’s that working out?


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