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Friday Funny: Guy Riding Super Tall Bike Puts the 'Win' in Winter

Parts of the East Coast got hit this week by rain and floods in what must certainly be cosmic salt in the wound of a long and intense winter. Luckily for our moods, one local news broadcast caught one biker rising above the wet conditions.

Jay Hathaway shares the video evidence of how one guy on a super tall bike can stay mobile even while floods leave cars abandoned all over the rode.

The first sight of local edition of irony news comes as Channel Three reporter Ricki Van says, "[it's] better inside, and not driving. You don't know what you're going to run into." Meanwhile, a guy on a super tall bike guy is navigating what appears to be a three-foot puddle without the slightest visible evidence of bother at the conditions in the background of the shot.

The coverage cuts back to the anchor at the studio, who discusses just how many abandoned vehicles are littering the streets of Pensacola, Florida. Oh, the irony. Luckily, the coverage cuts back to the field, where super tall bike guy is now doing a little celebratory dance as he comes back into frame.

Full Story: Guy's Huge, Stupid Bike Looks Pretty Smart After Flash Flood


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