Barrio Logan Community Plan's Political Rift Deepens in San Diego

The city of San Diego adopted the Barrio Logan plan a few months ago, provoking a successful movement to place a referendum on a future ballot. The city’s mayoral race could hinge on the issue, with large military contractors as political donors.

Barrio Logan, located adjacent to large industrial uses and Downtown, was the subject of the city’s first community plan update following the adoption of the city’s 2008 General Plan update. Since the plan was adopted this fall, opponents have succeeded in acquiring the signatures necessary to qualify the issue for a ballot referendum.

Matt Potter explains how the political machinations of the city’s mayoral race relate to the plan: “[Republican City Councilmember Kevin] Faulconer has made his opposition to the Barrio Logan community a key part of his campaign for mayor, frequently attacking its land-use limitations near the city's shipyards as a jobs buster. [Democratic City Councilmember David] Alvarez, whose district includes the area, is the plan's champion, asserting that it would protect the health and safety of those living near the shipyards without interfering with commerce.”

Potter also reports that recent revelations show serious donor clout from businesses int he nearby industrial area which oppose the plan: “The biggest donor was National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, owned by military contracting behemoth General Dynamics, with $200,000; second largest, with $75,000, was giant British-based military contractor BAE Systems; in third place, with $50,000, was Continental Maritime of San Diego.”

Back in September, Andrew Keats provided details about the plan’s “community village” focus, transit connections, and a proposed buffer that would limit land uses between the shipyards to the south and the residential neighborhood to the north.

Full Story: Military contractors target Barrio Logan plan


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